Real-Time Leadership: Find Your Winning Moves When the Stakes Are High

We look at this topical book by David Nobel and Carol Kauffman. You can buy it here and from the Harvard Business Review site here.

Real-Time Leadership: Find Your Winning Moves When the Stakes Are High, reviewed

This is a relevant topic when many situations are fluid, complex and rapidly changing. This book is written with a good grasp of these challenges and offers good value in terms of proving a framework to deal with these messy, but increasingly common situations. You may not be able to have an exact template beforehand for every situation, but, knowing this does still mean you can begin to put together a strategy for dealing with it.

We live in dynamic and challenging times. This does not mean that we can’t aim to come up with the best possible solutions, within the limits of what information we have, and what actions we are able to take. Some people’s responses can be very brittle, quick to blame anyone but themselves, and quick to cite their anxiety as a blocker to being able to do anything. It doesn’t have to be like this, and we enjoyed the authors approach to coming up with better solutions than just freaking out and complaining. With this book they get their hands dirty and look to offer practical and applicable solutions and strategies.

This is a good read for our current times, especially as it is probably only going to get messier and more complex going forwards. Check it out.

More about the book

The best leaders, in the biggest moments, know how to read the situation, respond in the most effective way possible, and move forward. You can, too.

The hardest part of leadership is mastering the inevitable high-risk, high-stakes challenges you will face. Whether you’re making a split-second decision when your business is knocked sideways or you’re finding the best strategy to navigate business-critical long-term circumstances, how can you be in peak form in those most crucial moments?

Leadership coaching legends David Noble and Carol Kauffman show you how with their innovative new framework—MOVE—which equips you with the tactics you need to slow down high-stakes situations before they speed you up. You’ll learn to master the moment, generate response options, and quickly evaluate those options before acting. As you get better and better at using the framework, you’ll find you can recognize these moments as they arrive, like a great athlete who can read the field as a play unfolds or a great conductor who anticipates what’s needed to deliver a great performance.

Noble and Kauffman bring decades of experience coaching thousands of leaders, along with a deep base of research, to show why their unique two-on-one coaching method works and how it’s done. The MOVE framework comes to life in these pages through the personal stories of real leaders living through their own crucible moments. Real-Time Leadership is a compelling and demystifying look at how the MOVE framework delivered positive results for them—and how it can for you, too.

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