Radio Flyer is on Cloud 9 with concept wagon

Radio Flyer is on Cloud 9 with concept wagon

Radio Flyer has been putting out toy wagons since 1917, and their model has remained, for the most part, unchanged. However, the company has recently released a concept model of the Cloud 9, a wagon like no other. I believe that this concept alone will change the world of toy wagons as we know it.

The Cloud 9 is the RV of wagons with two padded seats, cup-holders, and fold-out storage containers. It is also designed for safety as each seat has 5-point safety harnesses, as well as foot brakes.

The wagon is also technological. There are digital controls that include a dock for an MP3 Player with speakers. I’m even told that there is some type of digital readout in the handle that will give the time and temperature. This control will also give the speed of the wagon, and also has a built-in odometer.

Clearly, this is a wagon designed for kids like Richie Rich. There’s something about putting an iPod Dock in a wagon that crosses some line somewhere. I have children under the age of five, and I don’t think they really need an iPod in the wagon.

Since the Cloud 9 is still in concept form, there is no price as yet. In all honesty, I don’t really want to know how much it costs. I’m not certain if I should buy a wagon like this for my kids, even if I could afford it.


Source: Tech News