Pure Telecom survey finds 9 in 10 adults in Ireland want online retailers to become greener

Pure Telecom, the Irish-owned high-speed broadband company, has announced the results of a survey, which explores the sustainable online shopping habits and attitudes of adults in Ireland. It found that 89% of adults in Ireland are eco-conscious shoppers who want online retailers to adopt more sustainable practices, including disclosing the CO2 emissions required to deliver a product to them.

The online research, conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Pure Telecom, surveyed 1,002 people as part of a nationally representative study. It found that 60% of consumers would like online retailers to reduce packaging when sending products, while 41% would be willing to collect online goods from a pick-up point to reduce CO2 emissions. One-in-four (23%) of buyers would like online retailers to provide an estimate of the CO2 emissions required to deliver a product.

To make delivery more sustainable, one-third of adults said they would be more likely to choose an online shop that uses electric or sustainable delivery vehicles. In fact, 21% of consumers would pay more for shipping if sustainable delivery vehicles were used.

The survey also revealed that 55% of adults in Ireland buy second-hand goods online, while 38% sell pre-loved goods online. Of those who buy second-hand goods, 43% are driven by offsetting the rising cost of living and the same proportion do so because it’s better for the environment. Meanwhile, 31% say they can get unique items by purchasing second-hand goods online, while 22% credit second-hand online stores for having more variety.

The survey found that of the 45% of consumers who don’t buy second-hand goods online, 42% worry that items will be damaged, while 36% do not know where to buy decent quality products. Other reasons for not purchasing pre-loved items online include believing that items won’t be clean (33%), that they will be poor quality (28%), or that they won’t fit (26%). 

Paul Connell, CEO, Pure Telecom, said: “Consumers are getting creative about not only reducing their spending, but also their carbon footprint. Our survey suggests that the growing focus on sustainability and the circular economy is driving consumers to turn to online second-hand shops. There has been a welcome shift in the stigma that used to surround purchasing previously owned items, enabling consumers to make greener choices.

“It is interesting to see that this heightened environmental awareness amongst consumers is impacting their attitudes to pricing. While many retailers now offer free delivery, more than one-in-five adults in Ireland would be willing to pay more if their goods are delivered sustainably. Now is the time for retailers to adapt to these emerging consumer sentiments before they get left behind.

“The internet has revolutionised how we buy and sell goods online, transforming the act of purchasing and selling pre-loved items into a more mainstream activity, while also empowering consumers to choose the store that best reflects their sustainability values. At Pure Telecom, we are dedicated to ensuring customers are connected throughout Ireland, enabling them to shop sustainably whenever and wherever they want.”

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