Prosthetic Patients to receive care From 5,000 Miles Away

US Clinicians extend delivery of care by monitoring prosthetic function via the OneStep app on soldiers’ phones when they are back on the front lines in the Ukraine
Protez Foundation. The non- profit helping Ukrainian children, soldiers and civilians who have lost their limbs during the war to get free quality prosthetics in the US, today announced they have partnered with OneStep. An innovative platform for digital physical therapy using pioneering science that turns any smartphone into a clinical-grade motion analysis lab, to provide remote care for their prosthetic patients.

Prosthetic Patients to receive care From 5,000 Miles Away

Protez Foundation is committed to helping rehabilitate and promote the opportunity for a normal life to Ukrainian soldiers, civilians and children, who have suffered limb loss during the war – its goal is to raise money to support prosthetic treatment and rehabilitation. The average cost of treating one patient is $15,000, and the average time spent in the US for each patient is 3-4 weeks. Before the end of the year, Protez Foundation will have helped over 30 Ukrainians in need of a prosthetic.

“For months, we have been doing prosthetic operations, fittings and treatment plans and then sending patients home with no way to track their progress to determine if and how their treatment plans should be adjusted,” said Yakov Gradinar, certified prosthetist and orthotist and chief medical director, Protez Foundation. “The partnership with OneStep is a game changer – it rounds out our efforts, enabling us to easily stay connected with our patients and get a 360- degree view of their movement from thousands of miles away.”

With OneStep’s app, when a person takes a walk with their smartphone in their pocket, even a 30-second walk (no wearables or equipment needed), the app collects a set of gait measurements. This allows for consistent remote monitoring in a patient’s natural environment and the ability to track multiple changes in motion over time. OneStep is enabling Protez Foundation to extend therapy and care outside of the clinic – with no boundaries, so they can reach patients wherever they are. OneStep’s gait analysis is the first to capture gait in a natural setting, and its ease of use contributes to making the OneStep gait database the largest and most comprehensive in the world.

“The development and increased accessibility of digital health technology is empowering clinicians to provide personalized care like never before,” said Tomer Shussman, co-founder and CEO, OneStep. “With the talented team at the Protez Foundation, we are changing the way prosthetic care is being delivered, helping patients gain confidence and assurance, and ensuring care continuity all the way to the front lines. We are so proud to be able to bring our technology forward to support this worthwhile effort.”

As of November 2022, Protez Foundation has received 600+ applications; however, the real need is much larger. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Social Policy, there are about 12,000 amputees currently registered and awaiting prosthetics. Therefore, Protez Foundation is working towards the goal to bring between 10-30 people a month for prosthetics.

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About Protez Foundation

Protez Foundation was formed in May 2022 by Yura Aroshidze and prosthetist Dr. Yakov Gradinar, as local community volunteers in Minnesota answered the call to help support Ukraine in its fight for freedom against the Russian invasion. The Protez Foundation is committed to helping rehabilitate and give a chance for a normal life to the brave Ukrainian defenders, civilians and children who have suffered limb loss during the war.

About OneStep

OneStep enables people to move in a healthier way through our innovative, easy-to-use platform for remote digital physical therapy. Our science turns any smartphone into a  motion analysis lab, providing patients with actionable real-time feedback that greatly expedites their rehabilitation. It equips physical therapy providers with clinically-validated remote therapeutic monitoring which improves decision making and provider engagement.

OneStep is shifting patient treatment from “once a week at the clinic” to “anytime, all the time”. We serve patients and physical therapists, as well as leading physical therapy providers, surgeon-owned clinics, medical insurance companies, and manufacturers of medical devices.

OneStep has demonstrated outstanding clinical outcomes and superior patient satisfaction, while improving
provider efficiencies, increasing revenue and lowering costs.

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