#PropTech The next step in understanding what your Property is ACTUALLY doing/saving you.

In my chat with Tomas Zhang Mathiesen, Director / CEO of Ejendom on the first day at TechBBQ in Copenhagen I learnt a little bit more about this dynamic, yet relaxed entrepreneur.

Who is Tomas Zhang Mathiesen

Tomas only started with Ejendom in November last year, after being headhunted for the position.  He was brought onboard at the same time as a man in his 50s. The meaning of bringing in someone so young as CEO could be down to the fact he could be on the team for a longer time or maybe it’s the very fact that he already has a proven track record for progressing brands. He founded his first business in 2017 called the Danish StartUp Group, which still runs today. This was set up to support entrepreneurs with networking, mentoring and workshops.

How the Ejemdom Platform Works

In his new role, in the last 9 months, Tomas and his team have added 6 company clients and 10 partners.  This new online digital platform has a dashboard that brings together various elements to do with property management.  These include energy consumption, cleaning/maintenance, sustainability tracking and general operation data all in one place.

Tasks can be assigned to team members or indeed outside partners that are given access to certain elements of the dashboard.  At the moment you can only edit and/or view parts but they are currently working on creating levels of access.  This will mean I imagine you can arrange SuperUsers down to analysts depending on why that person has access to this tool in the first place.

The purpose of using this dashboard is to have a much more holistic view of all the moving parts of your property portfolio.  Imagine understanding how much water, electricity and maintenance you need to do?  It embraces a project management mindset as well. This could also help you manage staff, costs and even sales.  You can print out reports on the data that it takes and this can be used to “hand over” the property if you were planning to sell it to a new person or company.

I can personally see this as advantageous.  You ultimately get a full-service history on the portfolio you’re buying.

The data that is held is encrypted and they are considering a multi-factor access point in the short term.  Ejemdom will be running regular testing and backups so downtime should be relatively unlikely.

Their current model is to train SuperUsers in each company who then train other people within their team so it makes the point of contact far easier.  With an onboarding process (depending on the current processes in place at the location) ranging from a few weeks to maybe a couple of months, it’s certainly doable.

They currently support businesses like preschools, churches, restaurants, hotels and other commercial premises.

There are no plans at this current time to make this tool an app, it’s still in its first year and as it holds so much data that would be impractical at this time to change that.