People Love Stories – Stories Grow Businesses

The pleasure experienced by my clients when they realise that telling a simple, engaging story is the best way of explaining their business idea is a joy to behold.

They say it can’t be that simple, but it is.

A story well told will explain the problem you solve for prospective customers and inform them of your marketplace knowledge.

“If a potential customer has made time to meet you, this means they have a problem to solve, or a project in mind, and they expect that you are not simply coming to tell them what you do, but that you have put some real thought into how you are going to help them solve their problem”

Deirdre McPartlin of Enterprise Ireland

Ask yourself which would be preferable, to listen to a story told well or have someone read a list of bullet points and bar charts and graphs which are not easily understood?

This type of presentation is usually delivered by someone standing with their back to you while reading their slides.

All memorable children’s story books start with “Once Upon a time …”


By Executive Coach Andrew Keogh of