Pendulum Summit 2023 reviewed

Pendulum Summit is an event like no other in the world. As a world-class, experiential gathering of international visitors celebrating the best of business, leadership, culture, inspiration and learning.

Guest post by Denise Brannick, Mind & Stress Management, Transforming from the Inside Out

Pendulum’s 5 Pillars For Life

Too many people are caught up with making a living – and not designing their life. But to be able to design your life, you must first create your map of where you are today. Pendulum’s 5 Pillars help you to evaluate where you are in your life, uncover which areas need improvement and get started on your journey to an exceptional life.

Former professional Rugby player Frankie Sheahan and experienced Events Director and Life Coach Norma Sheahan share an unshakable passion for empowering people and business. The husband and wife duo founded Pendulum Summit in 2014 with the goal of empowering individuals to maximise their potential in business and life.

Pendulum Summit 2023 reviewed

Very modern opening act The Peach Club at #pendulumsummit in @TheCCD @FrankieSheahan @MJGold@Susie_Wolff @goggins_ray @MandyHickson @_gerryduffy @auld__stock @MarisaPeer

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This world class leadership and self-empowerment summit takes place in the Convention Centre Dublin. After the ‘hiatus’ the whole human race was on between 2020 and 2021 Pendulum came back with a bang in 2022.

Starting the review of Pendulum 2023, with the last speaker Barry McGuigan who stood out for me, not because of what he has achieved in life – because of how he is as a human being. After this the speakers mentioned are in no particular order. 

Barry McGuigan’s outstanding interview showed us what it took to reach the pinnacle of his career. How he moved on from that to live an exceptional life, coaching, training, listening to young people, making a difference.

He also demonstrated that there is a way to continue living a worthwhile life while processing the raw pain and grief that comes with losing a loved one. In his case the hardest of them all. A parent losing a child. Barry McGuigan, a world class human being who happens to be a Boxing Hall of Famer!

Lisa Fallon – What a journey! For someone who is not trained as a professional speaker I loved her natural story telling style. She drew the audience in giving us an insight into the trials and tribulations of getting to where she wanted to go making it clear it takes strong men who don’t have the gender bias to give females the opportunities to succeed in what society perceives to be a ‘man’s world’. In this case football. 

Lisa Fallon is a trail blazer who has paved the way for other females to pursue their dreams in sport regardless of what gender bias is in their way.  

Joy Neville – Former International Rugby Captain and Current International Referee – What strength of character and learning along the way. The stories of the giants of men she deals with now in the role of Referee at the highest level in Rugby – the career she decided to pursue after being a international rugby player herself shows us how these legends pivot to get to where they want to go in their life.

Very interesting insight fro @JoyNevilleRef and her determination through her career and the key is being reflective and not reactive, mantra WORK HARD – BE KIND

— Irish Tech News (@Irish_TechNews) January 25, 2023

No words for the courage, tenacity, integrity, drive, ambition and sacrifice it takes for any individual to reach the top of their respective potential and expertise.

It’s not our gender that gets in our way it’s the limits we hold in our mind’s eye.

Dr Colman Noctor – Psychotherapist & Assistant Professor of mental health not to mention best selling Author. He had us in stiches without even trying telling us about having to make a choice to stop looking at his phone when in the presence of his young daughter who asked him to put it away.

You should have heard his answer – in his inner voice – not what the audience was expecting. 

Humour at its best. Go Check him out. 

Gavin James, Irish Singer Songwriter – 1.6 billion streams!!!

He was so funny and down to earth when being introduced on stage by Mandy Hickson the MC for Pendulum 2023. I don’t think Mandy knew what to make of his hilarious description of how he had been out the night before this performance which was his first on stage in 2023.

What a voice!!!!  And he can cook – at least that what is looks like on his social media feed?

LaFawn Davis of INDEED and why we need more happiness in the workplace. 

Yes, please especially since the changes introduced by ‘lockdown’ allowing or forcing (depending on our viewpoint) us to work from home. 

Can Pendulum get any better I am thinking as this is my first time?

Damian Browne – Extreme Adventurer is right!!!! You have got to see and hear what this man achieved. I’m not sure I can do it justice with my words. I absolutely love the sea, but this takes it to a whole new level. 

Rowing across the Atlantic from NYC to Galway in what looked like a tin can for two. Damian Browne continued the journey alone after his fellow adventurer and companion had to be airlifted off. He brought us on the journey with him in his talk and presentation including video footage – see twitter link below.

Damian Browne talking to himself via video camera on a day of all-time lows on the high seas alone convincing himself that he would continue, that he wasn’t broken, chop wood, carry water when all else fails. He would and did make it back to Ireland and his beloved Galway. 

Time to cancel Netflix’s or what! #pendulumsummit

— Irish Tech News (@Irish_TechNews) January 26, 2023

Susie Wollf – got her first motor bike at 2 years old. What a journey shared to become a Formula One Driver!!! 

Enda O’Doherty – what a performer on stage and off. Having completed 9 marathons in 8 days while carrying a washing machine on his back to raise money for charity Enda took on the challenge of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, 19,000 feet with the washing machine on his back. Incredible feats. His description of the native’s reaction to the washing machine was priceless. 

He also talks candidly about addiction and the impact and how he has turned it around.

Philly McMahon – Dublin Senior Footballer and Mental Health Ambassador and Resilience speaker. His interview that included a story about his father brought us back to the times of trouble in the North. Shocking to hear and remember how it used to be. While we honour the pain of loss we are also grateful this Island has moved to peace.

Philly McMahon is doing much needed work in the community, at grass roots levels.

Gerry Duffy – Endurance Athlete & Motivational Speaker – excellent presentation as always. There may be a bit of bias going on here. Gerry Duffy was my Mentor in Speaker Factor in 2021. Thanks, Gerry, for then and now and all the work you do helping others achieve their dreams.

Dr Eddie Murphy  – we know him from TV – Operation Transformation. Here is someone you would want in your corner going through a hard time in life. He gets what it means to be human and pinpointed when we need to ask for help! 

What a powerful 12 mins, quick fire ? round of solid advice #pendulumsummit

— Irish Tech News (@Irish_TechNews) January 25, 2023

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