Over Half of Irish Drivers Plan to Purchase an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle Next

Carzone has unveiled its 2024 Motoring Report, shedding light on the growing interest in electric and hybrid vehicles in Ireland. A significant finding of the report is the rising openness to EVs, with 54% of respondents now considering an EV or hybrid for their next purchase, marking a substantial increase from 35% in 2023. This surge aligns with 16% of respondents already owning hybrids or EVs, up from 10% the previous year.

Of those who plan on purchasing an EV as their next vehicle, 30% intend to buy the same brand as their current EV/hybrid, while 24% intend to buy the same brand as their diesel/petrol car. 44% may buy a different brand from their current vehicle.

Diesel declined in fuel type popularity by 7% last year, in contrast to the 6% rise in electric and hybrid. Nonetheless, 50% of respondents have reservations about going electric, citing infrastructure challenges, particularly the scarcity of charging points, as a major obstacle to EV adoption. Other purchasing concerns include EV expense, reliability concerns, range anxiety, and a lack of EV knowledge. 22% of survey respondents also reported being unable to install a home charger and that they would be less likely to buy an electric car as a result.

Since its inception, Carzone’s research has been a cornerstone for vehicle buyers and sellers, providing current insights into the dynamically evolving automotive industry. Sinead McCann of Carzone comments on the 2024 report, stating, “It offers a vivid depiction of a market in flux and the industry’s collective navigation through times of change.”

“The automotive sector is at a pivotal juncture of recovery, with our data showing a promising start to 2024 and a pathway back to pre-pandemic levels of success for a sector recently challenged by Brexit and stock shortages. This motoring report encapsulates the changing preferences of Irish consumers and how the industry can adapt to these emerging trends and expectations.”

The 15th edition of the Carzone Motoring Report merges insights from the 80 million searches conducted on Carzone in 2023 with a comprehensive survey of 1,000 motorists in Ireland, offering a barometer of current car-buying sentiments.

To explore the full analysis and commentary on Ireland’s automotive industry, the complete report is available for review at www.carzone.ie/motoringreport.