Nokia 2660 Flip and Nokia 8210 reviewed

We look at the Nokia 2660 Flip and Nokia 8210, and we got our teens and early 20’s testers to play round with them.

First up, if you are, hm, how old would you need to be?( 40+, 50+ perhaps) Well lets say of the older generation, then you will be looking at these with a warm sense of long lost familiarity. Therefore for that demographic we can see the appeal of these phones. A return to when phones were Nokias, and Nokia were the go to brand in the market. Then, as we know, times changed, they bet the house on the wrong horse and things all went south. Since then Nokia has been through some turbulent times, but has emerged and produced some nice, modern, perfectly acceptable smart phones. Here though, with these phones, this is not what is on the table for discussion.

Nokia 2660 Flip and Nokia 8210 reviewed

These phones are very much upgraded versions of their 90s and early noughties, and we don’t mean by that that they are smart phones, just better versions of what was used then. We get why you might want to do this, in a kinda retro, we love the 70s, 80s, Bowie, Madonna kinda vibe. At the same time, for our younger testers it almost seemed like the concept needed to be explained.

This is a new phone, you can do calls, and texts, as in SMS, but, at lot of those other things, well, not so much. One of our testers said yes, we have one girl in our school who has a phone like this. While never being one to care about keeping up with the Jones’s, our next question was still, is she teased for this? The answer was a carefully delivered one, that the person in particular was seen as a little different for a variety of reasons, rather than solely to do with her choice of phone.

Where did this leave our testers. Well they liked the headphones and how they were used. They found them a little unusual at first, but then thought they were quite cool. They enjoyed using and playing around with these devices. They were just unsure if they were needed or when you would pick up one of these rather than the swathe of smart phones on the market. This is a question we were wondering also. Lets see how this one plays out and what the adoption levels are like.

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Nokia 2660 Flip

Starting at €74.99 RRP

Nokia 8210

Starting at €74.99 RRP

Iconic flip design with a big display, big buttons, and zoomed-in interface.
Made of tough polycarbonate with a selection of stylish colours including red, black and blue.
Battery for weeks and tens of thousands of flip cycles endured to ensure superior durability, so you can go about your day with confidence and keep your phone for years.
Listen to FM Radio through earphones or the hands-free speaker and enjoy your favourite sport, music or broadcasts at home or on the move.
Fall back in love with the return of an icon – the Nokia 8210 4G is reimagined for a modern-day audience and provides a timeless classic for today’s retro lovers. 


The Nokia 8210 4G is inspired by the classic feature phone, but is now equipped with contemporary features including in-built MP3 player, wireless and wired FM radio, and a camera to capture life’s best bits – alongside a slice of retro courtesy of fan-favourite games like ‘Snake’.? 
A light and compact design seamlessly carries a massive battery which allows for longer conversations and weeks of standby so users can call, text, and go offline with confidence.
Nokia 5710 XpressAudioStarting at €84.99 RRP

A completely unique device, this innovative feature phone features built-in wireless earbuds housed beneath a sleek and robust slider on the back of the phone saving you space in your pocket and letting you charge on the go.
A unique and stylish design – available in white/red and black/red colour combinations.
Dedicated music buttons make playback easy, the in-built MP3 player stores thousands of your songs, and wireless FM radio keeps you in the loop at home or on the move.
The big 1450 mAh battery1 delivers even longer talk time and playback time and lasts for weeks in standby.

Nokia 3310

Starting at €59.99 RRP

An iconic phone, re-designed for today with a reimagined rounded form in a selection of classic colours.
Remember when you could leave the house without a charger? Well, with the new Nokia 3310, you can. Talk all day or leave on standby for up to 31 days with the long-lasting battery.
Beat your high score with the legendary Snake game, updated for the colour screens.

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