New Ugreen Nexode Pro 3 and 4 Port Chargers Reviewed

Ugreen has updated its Nexode range with a new Nexode Pro series of chargers. The new Pro models come in smaller, sleeker designs but continue to be packed full of the latest fast-charging tech.

Ugreen recently sent us a 3-Port 100-watt and 4-Port 160-watt charger from the new Nexode Pro range to try out, and we’ve been using them around the office to see how they perform.

UGREEN Nexode Pro 100W 3-Port Charger

The new 3-port charger comes with two USB C ports and one USB A port.  The first thing you notice when you unpack it is how compact the unit is, considering there are 100 watts available. The last generation of Nexode chargers were noticeably larger in hand. Whereas they had more rounded edges, the new Pro range has a squarer profile with nice flat surfaces showing off the sleeker design. The smaller profile makes the 3-port charger ideal for carrying in a laptop bag.  The charger measures 71 × 43 × 33 mm.

While the nicer design is welcome, the charger’s performance is the most important aspect, and it doesn’t come up short here, either. With advances in the chips used, the new chargers are now more efficient.

The charger can deliver its full 100 watts through one USB C port or can share it across the other ports as required. With both USB C ports in use, for example, one can deliver 65 watts and the other 30 watts. The USB A port is capable of delivering 22.5 watts max. The charger is basically compatible with all fast charging standards, including PD3.0, QC4+ and even Samsung’s own 45-watt fast charging standard.

I have taken the 3-Port Nexode Pro with me in my laptop bag for the last few weeks and used it to charge my MacBook Air on the go mainly. It charges the laptop quickly, and its smaller size is handy for taking up less space and weight in the bag.

UGREEN Nexode Pro 160W 4-Port Charger

The 4-Port Nexode Pro shares the same design style of the 3-Port, but it is a larger device, more suited to being used at a desk. The extra port and the extra 60 watts available mean the device measures 70 × 70 × 33 mm. Even at that size, it still would be reasonable to carry around in your laptop bag, and it’s smaller than the charger that comes with most MacBooks.

Like the 3-Port device, the 4-Port Nexode Pro is packed with all the latest tech to charge your device as quickly and as safely as possible. The extra port and power available allows for more flexibility across the different ports. Again, one USB C port can deliver a whopping 140 watts to a compatible device.

It is possible to get 100 watts from one port and get 60 watts from a second port simultaneously, or if you want to use 3 USB C ports, you can get 65 watts from two of them and 30 watts from the third one. It means you will be able to charge a laptop, tablet, and smartphone quickly at the same time. There are many different combinations of ports I am leaving out, but I think you get the idea that there is lots of power on tap and lots of flexibility to find the fastest ways to charge your devices.

Like the 3-Port device, the 4-Port is compatible with pretty much every fast charging protocol. There are also several safety features built in to protect from overheating, overcharging, and excessive current. There are also features built in to protect from surges, short circuits as well as electrostatic protection.

I have used the 4 Port Nexode Pro for the last few weeks at my desk, and it really is an impressive device, considering its relatively small size. Pretty much every morning, I have used it to charge my MacBook Air, iPad Pro and iPhone, and it has worked flawlessly. If you are still using multiple chargers for each device you have, then the 4 Port Nexode Pro will let you consolidate all of them into one device, cleaning up your desk in the process.

You can find out more about both devices on the Ugreen website. The 3 Port and 4 Port are available to purchase from the Amazon UK site.