New T-shirt printing API means any brand can go sustainable

Teemill has created a new sustainable infrastructure on-demand technology which means a simple line of code controls a production line, factories and supply chain, and anyone with an internet connection can get involved. Teemill’s public API, sample code and demos allow people to copy-paste to connect their online store or app directly to the factory. (Try it yourself in our demo store:

New T-shirt printing API means any brand can go sustainable

It’s a new type of business model that leverages technology to achieve environmental goals. Each product is made from organic cotton, in factories powered by renewable energy and designed to be sent back and remade into a new product when it’s worn out. The factory produces and ships products in real time, only making what people need when they need it. The efficiencies created through digitisation and automation enable investment in sustainable materials and energy. There’s no material risk, so access is free and fast.

This tech gives anyone on the internet the ability to control a factory producing real products. It enables the kind of disruption that appeals to audiences across the board, from young, sustainability conscious startups to established brands like the BBC, which uses Teemill to create and sell its custom BBC Earth merchandise.

80% of businesses have experienced significant supply chain disruptions since January 2021. Added to the mountains of unsold stock piling up in the fashion industry, this has led retailers and licence holders to look for technology to solve the problems of overhead, inventory and fulfilment. Teemill’s API provides a new solution to the way products are made, and a way for businesses to create products in a circular supply chain.

Sofia Voudouroglou from Teemill says:

“This is more than the end of the age of bricks. There’s an opportunity to enable a more equitable market that rewards those with the most creativity, not just those with the most capital. We’re using tech to enable sustainability, and to allow anyone to get involved in changing how things are made.”

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About Teemill

Founded in 2014, Teemill is the world’s biggest dedicated circular economy platform. It works with more than 10,000 brands, including global NGOs and businesses, media, online content creators, influencers and side hustlers, providing an open-access circular design and supply chain platform. Its users include Greenpeace, WWF, BBC Earth, Google, Selfridges, Fortnum and Mason, and Lush.

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