MoneyNeverSleeps: What Makes a Great Web3 Team?

In this special segment, we’re featuring web3 investors, founders, and mentors such as Joey Krug from Pantera Capital, Matthew Graham from Sino Global Capital, Teana Baker-Taylor from Circle, Sam Williams from Arweave, John Wu from Ava Labs, Clarisse Hagege from Dfns, Sean Lee from Odsy, Tim Bos from Sharering and DAO expert Michelle Tsing.

Included in this episode of MoneyNeverSleeps are some of the most helpful insights that web3 leaders have shared with us over the past year and a half. and the common thread you’ll hear from all of these voices is that the things that make a great web3 project or startup focus a heckuva lot more on humanity than technology.

Featured Voices:

Teana Baker-Taylor, now VP of Policy & Regulatory Strategy at Circle, on ep 163

John Wu, President of Ava Labs, on ep 164

Michelle Tsing, web3 governance advisor, on ep 161

Matthew Graham, CEO of Sino Global Capital, on ep 165

Joey Krug, co-CIO of Pantera Capital, on ep 166

Tim Bos, founder and CEO of ShareRing, on ep 169

Clarisse Hagege, co-founder and CEO of Dfns, on ep 202

Sean Lee, co-founder of Odsy Network, on ep 201

Sam Williams, co-founder and CEO of Arweave, on ep 205


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