MoneyNeverSleeps: Spending Crypto with FTX, Visa, Google Cloud and Coinbase | Community Fintech | Meta’s Metaverse Mess

This week, Eoin and Pete riff on crypto exchange FTX’s partnership with Visa enabling users to spend crypto anywhere Visa is accepted, Google Cloud enabling customers to pay in crypto in partnership with Coinbase, the state of ‘community fintech’ through the lens of Chetwood Financial’s deal with Mumsnet and their 8 million-strong community, NovaCredit’s big $10mn investment from HSBC as a rallying cry for public fintech utilities, the latest on Meta’s metaverse world, and how it’s backs-against-the-wall time for Goldman Sachs’ Marcus and Bank North.

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Visa partners with FTX in a bet that shoppers still want to spend cryptocurrencies in a bear market (CNBC, 7-Oct-22)

Google Partners With Coinbase to Accept Crypto Payments for Cloud Services (Coindesk, 11-Oct-22)

Chetwood Financial partners with Mumsnet for family-focused financial service (Finextra, 30-Sep-22)

The Fintech 250: The most promising fintech companies of 2022 (CB Insights, 4-Oct-22)

HSBC Invests $10mn in Nova Credit (AltFi, 20-Sep-22)

Under Pressure, Goldman CEO Ditches Dream of Consumer Domination (Bloomberg, 10-Oct-22)

Meta announces legs (TechCrunch, 11-Oct-22 | Dave Cunningham on Twitter)

LHV UK to buy SME lending business of Bank North (Finextra, 11-Oct-22)


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