MoneyNeverSleeps: Owen O’Driscoll and PlanDail

Founder and CEO of PlanDail, Owen O’Driscoll, riffs with Pete Townsend on PlanDail’s mission to build Europe’s premier cross-border, seamless, regulated crowdfunding platform, powered by carbon-neutral Algorand technology. PlanDail’s aim is to connect high-impact focused entrepreneurs with ESG/impact investors of all shapes and sizes who want to fund a better future for the planet.

In this episode, we dig into:

– How Owen’s foundational experiences in operations, supply chains, horticulture, blockchain and retail investing merged together to form his vision for PlanDail.

– How participating in an accelerator in 2019 opened Owen’s eyes to the startup ethos.

– Taking advantage of the entrepreneurial support frameworks in Ireland to transform himself into a startup founder.

– Making sure that as a CEO, you can have the confidence in yourself to back yourself.

– Self-sovereign identity – in digital form – both for investors and for companies raising funding on the PlanDail platform.

– Combatting ESG greenwashing by integrating ESG commitments and audited outcomes into a company’s digital identity.

– How PlanDail want early-stage investors to be the retail investors who can steer the important decisions and have a pride of ownership about where a company is going, especially around ESG (environmental, social, governance).

– Bringing the PlanDail vision to reality with their MVP, an easy-to-use and regulated crowdfunding platform focused on high-impact entrepreneurs and the individual investors who believe in them.

– Self-sovereign identity as a bridge for web2 and web3-minded investors.

– Enabling the PlanDail platform to integrate across multiple blockchain protocols, including Algorand, IPFS and Hyperledger, as part of their platform scaling strategy.

– Getting the first investors in PlanDail on board with the recent opening of their pre-seed round.


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