MoneyNeverSleeps: BTC vs ETH vs YouTube | Silvergate Buries Diem | Jack Ma Done

This week, Eoin Fitzgerald and Pete Townsend riff on Eoin’s new role at Enterprise Ireland, Silvergate’s final nail in the coffin for Meta’s former crypto project Diem, the next steps for Ant Group now that Jack Ma is formally out, the back and forth on the environmental impact of crypto and the role of BTC and ETH, some new ideas on agri-finance thanks to past guest Nik Milanovich, and some details on an event Pete’s co-hosting for Techstars Web3 with Genesis Block and Union Square Ventures in New York City on 17-Jan-23.

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Silvergate buries Diem; lays off 200 staff (Finextra & CoinDesk, 6-Jan-23)

Jack Ma out of Ant Group (Fintech Blueprint, 9-Jan-23)

BTC vs. ETH: Cryptocurrency mining and trading devastating the planet? (Finextra, 6-Jan-23)

GBTC Leverage Death Rattle? With Steven McClurg (What Bitcoin Did, 9-Jan-23)

The Next Fintech Revolution: Agriculture Finance (Nik Milanovic in Forbes, 6-Jan-23)

The Italian Bank Where You Can Use Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese As Loan Collateral (Tasting Table, 7-Jan-23)


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