MoneyNeverSleeps | 200th Episode Special | Top 10 from the Last One Hundred Episodes

Holy Mackenzie, we just hit 200 episodes! When Eoin Fitzgerald said to Pete Townsend in early 2018, “Hey Pete, I heard you on a couple of podcasts, wanna help me start one?” never in our wildest dreams did we think this would become such an integral part of our week for the past, well, 200 weeks. So, here’s our recap of our Top 10 from the past one hundred episodes, some honourable mentions, the Top 10 all-time by downloads, reflections on flywheels, the good things that come from doing 200 podcast episodes, and a bunch of our past guests sharing their good tidings.

Thanks to all of our fantastic guests, sponsors, supporters, and especially to our listeners – we couldn’t have hit 20 episodes, never mind 200, without you!

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114: Changes | Mick Sweeney on Markets, Society, Leadership and Digital – “There’s an old adage, ‘the survivors will be the winners,’ but I think that’s moved on. Now, it is the early adopters who are going to be the winners. The people that get this and understand that there is a change in leadership style needed are going to be the winners and will get the gains from the market opportunities because they will be bringing their teams with them.”

128: Ten Thousand Hours | Robert Alice, Portraits of a Mind and NFTs – “There had been some interesting NFT projects, but it was like a canary in a coal mine, really. That was frustrating for me because it was just a lot of kids on rocket ships going to the moon, and I felt like this was going to be one of the most important cultural transformations of the 21st century.”

“Art is one of the purest forms of entrepreneurship around. You create value out of nothing. Craft and skill can get you so far and present a level of value, but effectively, you’re building a conceptual story or a narrative that you are asking people to buy into, with a product that does nothing, except that it makes them feel something.”

131: Wings | Fiona Edwards Murphy and ApisProtect – “One of the big similarities between a PhD and being an entrepreneur is that you’re doing something that you care about so much that you don’t really care if you get paid right now or not. That’s absolutely the same. You have to be really passionate to do a PhD, and you have to be really passionate to be an entrepreneur.”

165: Matthew Graham | Sino Global Capital, Web3 and Making Your Hobby Your Job – “When you start, don’t think about how to get a million super fans, think about how to get one or two. If you get one or two, I really believe you’re going to get dozens, and then you’re going to be on your way. Most people never get that far, but it starts by just thinking, how am I going to get a couple of people that just love my product and want to tell everyone about it?”

168: Money Talks #46 | What a Year | Eoin and Pete’s Top Stories of 2021referenced episode 147 where Pete and Eoin really figured out flywheels with the intersection of B2B and B2C – “First, you need to identify what is that one thing you do well. Then, with that next part of the flywheel, does it increase your TAM (Total Addressable Market)? Is it logical that the market will keep moving with you no matter what part of the flywheel they get on?”

121: Money Talks #28 | GameStop and WallStreetBets | Visa-Plaid Deal Dead | Buying Monzo – “When a market is 24/7, whether that’s in crypto or with after-hours trading on public equities, you’ve got to get your head around all of these new channels where market sentiment is effectively created and observable in real-time.”

136: The Prediction II | Andrew Mullaney and Premind AI – “What I call ‘fintech v1’ is just digitizing banking, things like making payments go through instantaneously. It’s crazy to think that the most powerful banking institutions could be impacted by something so simple. But the next level is the actual application of the more complicated systems that technology companies are bringing into all aspects of finance.”

150: Growing Up | Brian Kenny and MiniCorp – “If you see a trend, if you understand the trend and you carry that knowledge forward with yourself and the product, then absolutely ‘solve for X’. But before that, get to know every nuance, every idiosyncrasy, everything to do with those first 10 customers, and then start to go out to a hundred and get to know them, then thousands or tens of thousands.”

175: My Philosophy | Nik Milanovi?, This Week in Fintech and The Fintech Fund – “Let’s make finance really digital and as easy to move money around as it is to send an email and as costless and as low latency. Let’s make money programmable so that when certain conditions are met, money acts differently. We’re at the very beginning of that revolution, but I think it’s just one more step in the right direction for creating these radical impacts in people’s lives.”

123: Perfect | Deborah Brock and Nua Fertility – “You have to be thinking constantly about visibility and credibility. If what we’re doing doesn’t drive either of those, they get dropped. Because it’s wasting my time.”


1 – 113: Find Ya’ Wealth | Elisabeth Dana and Infinity Circle

2 – 165: Matthew Graham | Sino Global Capital, Web3 and Making Your Hobby Your Job

3 – 166: Joey Krug | Pantera Capital, Being Early in Crypto and Shipping Fast

4 – 178: Get it Together | Carla Rosenkranz and Barterchain

5 – 126: The Source | Cian Prendergast and Ortus

6 – 030: Here Comes The Hotstepper | Martin Cass

7 – 158: Three is the Magic Number | Laura Walsh, Launchpool and Techstars

8 – 171: Money Talks #47 | Crypto Visa | UBS-Wealthfront | Walmart Fintech Doubledown | Ireland’s Latest Unicorn: Wayflyer

9 – 107: Cross-Trainers | Sorcha Finucane and TrainedIn

10 – 096: The Trilogy: Elaine Deehan, Starling Bank and EWPN


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