Meet Gemmo AI the new AI company transforming businesses with action.

Gemmo AI’s purpose is to help its customers become AI-first companies, transforming and creating new business using AI for action. 

The company’s founder, Dr. Luca Marchesotti has been developing AI solutions cross-industry for the best part of a decade. Along with his team, they have successfully implemented transformative AI solutions in a number of diverse industries. Gemmo AI was born out of this rich history of cross-industry experience, during which they witnessed the incredible potential of AI in driving transformation and growth, particularly within three focus industries: industry 4.0, sustainable food production and smart environmental monitoring. 

Launching at a time where AI is all the buzz, Gemmo AI is not worried about getting lost in the sea of emerging AI start-ups. Gemmo are taking their years of experience and know-how and offering something different: an action-based business model using machine learning. 

Commenting on the launch of Gemmo, CEO and founder Dr. Luca Marchesotti told Irish Tech News: 

“We want to reinvent the business model for companies in these spaces. Rather than relying on one-off sales, we offer AI integration that enables companies to sell more sustained services. Customers of these companies not only get the product they need, but also the data and action necessary to understand and optimise the output of that product. This offers a more sustainable revenue stream for businesses while providing customers with valuable ongoing support. This way, customers get a full-circle automated experience, not just a one-off product”

Gemmo AI draws inspiration from the natural processes that gems undergo, and its name symbolises the transformation of valuable data through their expertise in machine learning models. Similar to the process of unearthing, polishing, and transforming gems into precious stones, data also holds untapped potential that can be transformed into valuable actions. 

Dr. Marchesotti added:

“We distil information and know how into a machine learning model. This is our gem-making process where we refine and polish the raw materials and create something valuable. By deploying these gems in the cloud or at the edge we enable our clients to create new solutions and services that they can use to create new, more profitable revenue streams” 

Their central mission is to become the go-to AI partner for innovative companies who want to bring action-driven automation to their business processes. Part of this mission was the development of their new customisable API solutions. Gemmo has built new APIs for video and audio labelling that companies can use to provide their customers with insights and actions on a rolling basis.

On the launch of their new product line, Dr. Marchesotti said: 

“Our API’s are there for businesses who want to 10x the value of their solutions. We take your product, plug in our machine learning models and your customers are not just getting insights, they’re getting actions- they’re getting so much more value from the product than was possible before.”

Looking ahead, Gemmo AI hopes to become the leading AI company in Ireland for both off-the-shelf and custom AI solutions. They see a real gap in the Irish market for an AI company focused on action. 

Dr. Marchesott concluded: “We think there’s a need in the Irish market for an AI company like us. The problem is that lots of businesses haven’t realised that value yet. Our goal right now is to make that as clear as possible to these companies and say to them “there’s a better way of doing things”.”

An Irish Tech News podcast with Dr. Marchesotti will be published next week.

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