MediaHQ launches revolutionary ChatGPT AI press release writing software

MediaHQ, a world-leading media contacts database and press release distribution tool, has announced the launch of its new ChatGPT AI press release writing software tool powered by the Completion API from OpenAI.

MediaHQ CEO Jack Murray said: “This Artificial Intelligence powered press release writing software is a game changer. It will enable in-house PR teams and PR agencies to save thousands of hours of time on a PR function that is formulaic, yet often very inconsistently executed.”

The software includes seven key prompts for the user to shape their press release, delivering quality headlines and press releases in a workflow, side by side with thousands of media contacts, press release distribution, detailed reporting, and media relations productivity tools.

It works in two phases. Firstly, the user can give a few small details, which will allow them to generate five possible headlines. They can then answer a number of additional prompts and get the full press release.

The prompts give real definition and a consistent writing style to each press release and ensures that each story has the classic inverted pyramid structure common with all great news stories. The AI will also improve the sharpness of the message and the quotes given to it by making them more impactful on the audience.

“The next step for MediaHQ is to add collaboration tools that will enable users to share their AI-generated press releases with clients or colleagues for comment, revision, and sign-off. This will make creativity in messaging and storytelling more open and collaborative, resulting in a smoother workflow and quicker outcomes that lead to more positive media coverage,” said Murray.

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