Markets, Money, and Mathematics with Prof Alexander Lipton

Responding to Nassim Taleb`s `bashing` of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies in the same Journal of Quantitative Finance, can only be attempted by a few.  Enjoy a lively & witty discussion on thinking through Markets, Money, and Mathematics with Prof. Alexander Lipton whose credentials include MIT Connection Science, Sila, and more.

He is also the co-author of two new books Mathematics, Technology, and Economics, A. Lipton & Adrien Treccani, Ph.D.  (July 2021)  Building the New Economy Data as Capital, By Alex `Sandy’ Pentland, Alexander Lipton, Thomas Hardjono (Oct 2021)  We spoke about value, price, religion, money, technology,…

Markets, Money, and Mathematics with Prof Alexander Lipton

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