Managing Employee Burnout How to Develop A Happy, Healthy and Engaged Workforce, reviewed

We look at Shauna Moran’s interesting book Managing Employee Burnout How to Develop A Happy, Healthy and Engaged Workforce. You can see more about the book here.

Managing Employee Burnout How to Develop A Happy, Healthy and Engaged Workforce, reviewed

This is an important topic, especially if your own company is not managing this well. Your people are your most important asset, and, whether you are attentive or not, how you treat and manage them will determine how long they stay with you, and the quality of the work they deliver for you. At the same time we have been through a massive upheaval over the last three years.

On top of the evolution of work itself, with  digital transformation now a fact of life, you then have to factor in two years of covid, lockdown and enforced remote working, to a greater or lesser degree, AND then a massive disruption to global political realities with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. All or at least any of the factors above have probably affected your staff to some degree.

In this context this book therefore appears at a very timely moment. You have nothing to lose by reading a book like this, and a lot to gain by reading it. Moran begins briefly with her own context, before identifying what burnout is, and then empowering our own self awareness about the issues around this. From there, after considering the individual the book tackles the organisation’s role, and how to be aware and mitigate it. Then the book looks at the role of the leader, and the key actions they can take to help deal with and achieve positive solutions and outcomes.

Each chapter is a logical addition to the insights and expertise delivered in the previous chapters and it helps to provide a useful toolkit for managers and leaders looking to meet the needs of their staff. We are moving into a time of increased variability. There are going to be many ways to tackle employee burnout and this book will be a great tool and asset to those who wish to be as successful as possible rather than burying their heads in the sand about these issues. A great book, well worth reading.

More about the book

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion. In the workforce, it leads to higher levels of stress, greater sickness absence, sluggish productivity and increased staff turnover so addressing this is urgent.

Managing Employee Burnout covers everything from what burnout is, what causes it and what different forms it can take. It also explores the role of the organization in employee burnout and includes specific guidance on how to manage burnout in remote and hybrid working environments and why dispersed teams may be more susceptible to burnout.

Full of actionable advice and real world examples, this book demonstrates what strategies to put in place to safeguard staff retention and productivity from burnout as well as how to promote awareness and emotional intelligence in the business. This book also explains why effective company culture, communication, leadership and an inclusive talent strategy are key to building a healthy, engaged and sustainable workforce.

There is also coverage of how to improve employees’ mental health and discussion of the importance of taking a break and how to establish healthy boundaries. Managing Employee Burnout is crucial reading for all HR professionals and all those responsible for talent management who are looking to ensure a healthy, happy and productive workforce

More about the author

Shauna Moran is the Founder of Operate Remote, an award-winning executive coaching agency that empowers leaders to address staff burnout and build more emotionally healthy, engaged and sustainable teams and organizations. Prior to this, she headed up Partnerships in various SaaS companies. Based in Vancouver, Canada she has a background in psychology and is an accredited Executive and Leadership Coach as well as an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

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