Logix Championship for the web 3.0 gaming world

Logix Championship all set to enter the web 3.0 gaming world with a P2E (play-to-earn) metaverse car racing game- for all those who are in love of speed.

The game blends revolutionary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts with a play-to-earn formula to reward constant play and outstanding achievements.

Logix Championship strives to bring an exceptional experience to gaming enthusiasts in the GameFi space with all new exciting features, in-game assets, NFTs and rewards. Now players can explore the all-new world of racing in several play modes. Developed by a team of veterans, the project is led by the founders Archit Aggarwal and Sandeep Aggarwal.

Logix Championship for web 3.0 gaming

Built on the Blockchain network, Logix Championship is an NFTs-based strategy game where users fully own their in-game assets. The project is ready to launch its first set of NFT Cars ‘’Logix Turbo Squad’’ – the core asset of the game. The collection includes a variety of Racing Car NFTs with different attributes and rarity.

The play-to-earn gaming projects are attracting millions of players around the world, and the trend is continuously gaining popularity. The gamers from web 2.0 aspire to try out this new concept where they get a chance to earn rewards and in-come by playing games. They can collect tokens or NFTs that have a real-world value and can be further traded in the market.

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Logix Championship Founders – Sandeep & Archit firmly believe that web 3.0 is very promising and is the future of the gaming industry; However, making web 3.0 more usable will help to make the decentralized web take wings. Companies need to bring innovative ways to make it more functional, and gaming is one of the perfect ways to add usability to the community-controlled web.

Logix Championship brings users many in-game assets (ownable NFTs) like; Racing Cars, Race Track, Gas Station, Charging Station, Pitstop, Garage, Billboards, Visitor stands and other car and racing merchandise like helmets and gloves. It is a game with real physics where users get a real-time racing environment to suffice their thirst for speed. Every NFT is backed by a passive source of Income. Logix Coin is the native token of the gaming ecosystem.

As for the gameplay, Logix Championship offers multiple race types; Play on your own- Practice and Tournament modes, play through a Driver, and Play with Artificial Intelligence. Users can choose their cars and race strategy to match the race conditions to earn a win for themselves. Each mode has exciting rewards for winners, encouraging them to explore more. Unlike all other games, Logix Championship offers a reward not just to the winners but for all the successful participants in the game.

The team believes in offering the best experience to its users with lots of fun, excitement and opportunities to earn and monetize their skills in racing. As the project progresses to new milestones, NFT airdrops and rewards for early birds will be released. Stay tuned for more updates.

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