Kärcher K 4 Power Control pressure washer reviewed

We look at the Kärcher K 4 Power Control pressure washer and take it through it’s paces. Visit www.karcher.ie to find the right pressure washer for you. The Irish business is based in Ballymount, Dublin.

Kärcher K 4 Power Control pressure washer reviewed

This machine assembles easily and was straight forward for our testers to boot up and start using. The power delivered by the water flow was impressive, and it definitely rendered the decking much cleaner after usage. One unexpected side affect was that, if you blasted too hard and too long in one place, the water flow actually began to take away the wood as well as the moss and accumulated debris on top of the wood. This does demonstrate the power of the pressure washer, but equally that it needs to be used diligently and attentively.

Our testers felt the device performed well and were happy to use it. They would be happy to use this product and others in the Kärcher range too. One aspect of the usability was the recoiling of the power lead, as they found it hard to get the cable back onto the machine. In a low tech way they found that it unspooled easily, but was much harder to wind back up when they had finished using it. Apart from this they gave the product a definite thumbs up and they are already asking if they can borrow this device for a few other jobs they have in mind too!

More about the Kärcher K 4 Power Control pressure washer

The world market leader for cleaning technology, Kärcher is making spring cleaning that bit easier for Irish homeowners with their Pressure Washer range. The versatile Kärcher K 4 Power Control pressure washer makes it simple to select just the right pressure for the job, whether you’re cleaning the patio or removing mud from delicate car paintwork. Easily adjust the pressure from one surface to another using the display on the trigger gun for three different settings, and switch between the Vario and Dirt blaster lances.

The machine’s Plug ‘n’ Clean system applies detergent as you clean for maximum efficiency. With its 8m high-pressure hose, telescopic handle, and stable design, this machine gives you plenty of reach without falling over. On-board storage keeps the trigger gun, hose, and lances neatly stored away, while its state-of-the-art water-cooled motor means this durable pressure washer will give you outstanding performance for years to come.

Choose Kärcher and visit your local electrical & DIY retailer now. Visit www.karcher.ie to find the right pressure washer for you.

About Kärcher Ireland:

Kärcher is a family-owned business built from the ground up by Alfred & Irene Kärcher to solve every day cleaning challenges through innovation and technology.?Always responding to the world’s ever-changing cleaning needs, Kärcher is now the world’s leading expert in cleaning, both inside the home and out. As a result, Kärcher’s products can be found in over 60 different countries, all built with Kärcher’s high standards of performance, efficiency, and durability.

Kärcher is a customer-centric business, continually striving to improve people’s cleaning habits to deliver the best possible results. As such, Kärcher products are always developed with the user in mind, saving them time and effort on a wide range of jobs throughout the household. These include floor cleaners, steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners, window vacuums, pressure washers, portable outdoor cleaners, and watering tools.

Kärcher in Ireland is a £10m+ subsidiary of the German parent, Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG, based near Stuttgart. The Irish business is based in Ballymount, Dublin, employing approximately 30 staff including its Hire business based in Finglas.

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