Irish launch for Europe’s largest Crypto Trading Fintech unicorn Bitpanda

Bitpanda, one of Europe’s leading investment platforms, has announced it is expanding its services to Ireland to meet growing demand for safe and secure access to digital assets. The platform will empower potential, first-time and seasoned Irish investors to take full control of their finances. Leading this growth is former CMO of MyWallSt and former Head of EMEA Growth at Hailo, Rob Cumiskey, now Country Lead and Head of Marketing for Bitpanda in Ireland.

ERIC DEMUTH, co-founder and CEO of Bitpanda, says

“At Bitpanda, we are setting the bar for retail investing in Europe with regulation and security for digital assets and bringing a trusted, seamless and secure trading experience to all. As recent events have shown, where you invest matters. We are giving European investors a better choice because we believe that digital assets and blockchain technology are reinventing what it means to invest, and we remain committed to building simple, easy-to-use, and fully regulated financial products for everyone.”

Rob Cumiskey, Country Lead and Head of Marketing for Bitpanda in Ireland added: “’We have a growing community of Bitpanda users in the Irish market, which doesn’t surprise us at all given the early adopter nature of the market. With this in mind, we have been investing in our local Bitpanda team and we want to make sure that we have the best possible product based on local needs across Europe. I personally can’t wait to lead our growth efforts here and show Ireland what Bitpanda has to offer.”

Ireland will play a central role in Bitpanda’s expansion goals as it aims to become the number one investment platform in Europe.

Bitpanda aims to simplify wealth creation for investors of all-aptness and levels of experience by building the infrastructure they need to take control over when and how they invest. The platform’s intuitive design gives people an easy, fast and safe way to invest in a wide range of digital assets.

Underpinning this is Bitpanda’s absolute commitment to customer security and safety. Bitpanda’s crypto assets are held in a highly-secure environment and customers’ crypto funds are 100% backed. Additionally, the Bitpanda Group diligently follows European laws and regulations. Bitpanda operates business based on various VASP registrations, as well as MiFID II, E-Money and PSD II licences amongst all its core markets.

The future of fintech is partnerships

As Europe’s largest and most regulated trading platform Bitpanda wants to help accelerate the transition to a tokenized world by removing significant barriers to investing, and partnering with existing financial institutions to modernise traditional financial products.

By bringing its White Label API-infrastructure to Ireland, the platform will allow traditional banks and fintechs here to access 24/7 trading and provide their current and future customers with an easy, convenient and secure way to invest in digital assets as a significant value-added service.

Leading European financial firms already using Bitpanda White Label include French neobank – Lydia, UK based smart money app – Plum, and the largest digital bank in continental Europe – N26, and Bitpanda sees a similarly large appetite amongst Irish banks.

Simplifying wealth creation

Approximately 12% of Ireland’s population is actively investing in cryptocurrency, according to data by GWI. However, as macroeconomic events continue to impact people’s finances, an openness to making investments coupled with exposure to money based apps has dramatically increased Irish customer interest in investing in digital assets.

Bitpanda’s Irish data shows that Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular assets being traded on the platform with both male and female users. Terra Classic (more popular male) and Cardano (more popular female) follow in third place. Elon Musk’s Tesla and Twitter are the most heavily traded securities with Irish users showing us that Irish users have not been immune to the news cycles of the past few weeks.

Bitpanda wants to help encourage and educate more Irish people, particularly Irish women, on how to get involved in investing, as it aims to become the leading retail investment platform in Ireland.

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