Introducing CANDIE the Irish Culchie ChatGPT plugin

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT recently signed a deal with Microsoft, providing their artificial intelligence technology. A month ago this deal brought AI powered features to Bing and this technology will soon be coming to its productivity suite Microsoft 365. Users of Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Word will be able to call upon an AI Co-pilot, which will enable editing, summarising, creating and comparing documents.

Two weeks ago OpenAI unveiled GPT-4 their latest iteration of ChatGPT and some of that new technology will soon be seen in Microsoft’s AI Co-pilot. These new features will make day to day work a lot easier and has also forced the hand of Google who will be bringing out their competitor.

Whilst this technology will soon be ubiquitous, it still has to overcome one very big hurdle, the human voice and accent. Comprehending a Dublin 4 accent is one thing but comprehending a thick Kerry or Northern accent is  not so easy. So, how can this be overcome?

Well, luckily for us the National Irish Mathematics Business Institute has come to the rescue with their new ChatGPT plugin, CANDIE (Culchie AI National Data Irish Einstein) will be launched this coming Monday.

The lead AI scientist and programer behind CANDIE, Professor Ernest Stroker spoke to Irish Tech News about how this ushers in a new era for AI. “When I first heard about ChatGPT I knew it was going to a game changer and I couldn’t wait to use it. When I finally got to use it, the UX and UI was impressive.

“However, it lacked one thing. The ability to interact successfully with different voices and accents. After speaking with my colleagues in NIMBI, we decided to reach out to OpenAI and offer our help to fix this problem. We knew that machine learning would be a game changer for us and help us fix this issue.

“Open AI were very accommodating and agreed that human voice and accent was going to become an issue. We were then tasked with fixing this issue and Open AI sent one of their top AI programmers Vi Agra to help us.”

“Vi Agra was a great help to us and what we have achieved with CANDIE, can be slowly replicated with updates of ChatGPT for other countries. I would also like to thank the Irish Government especially Simon Coveney, the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment and Enterprise Ireland who helped us fund this.”

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