Infinix ZERO ULTRA reviewed

We look at the Infinix ZERO ULTRA, see more about the product on their website here.

Infinix ZERO ULTRA reviewed

This phone does give you a decent bang for your buck, doing a lot of things quite well, for a reasonable price. It also seemed to be quite intuitive to use with our younger testers too. It is touted to charge quickly, which is easy to test, harder to know is if it will charge for you in six to 12 months time. This is one of the tricky elements of using and reviewing a phone like this, as, out of the box, it seems pretty good, the camera is decent, the apps are fun, and it is good to go. The question though is perhaps what will its durability be like. How long should you hope and expect your new, modern smart phone to last for these days. We would hope at least two years ideally, but this is not something that can be tested out of the box.

The look and feel of the device are good, the images seemed pretty good too. Quite quickly the quirky apps were discovered and played with too. The offer of an NFT with the purchase is an interesting one, but may or may not have lasting value depending on where the world of NFTs are going this week or next. As a phone for the younger members of the family it seems like a good purchase, with the upside that you are not losing several hundred dollars or euros if you have got them a top of the line, in price at least, model.

It has been interesting to watch the evolution of the Infinix product line, and this one continues the journey in a successful way.

More about the Zero Ultra


The ZERO ULTRA is the first smartphone in the industry to feature 180W Thunder Charge – going from 0% to 100% charge in just 12 minutes. The ZERO ULTRA’s lightning-quick speed is thanks to a 4500mAh ULTRA 8C cell battery that reduces heat and increases the lifetime of the device.
Each ZERO ULTRA is linked to a unique NFT lottery card, and every ZERO ULTRA device buyer has the chance to win an NFT. This NFT collection pays tribute to space exploration and offers audiences a one-of-a-kind customization experience.
Infinix equipped the ZERO ULTRA with the MediaTek Dimensity 920 6nm 5G processor for upgraded performance, next generation connectivity, Wi-Fi 6 enablement, dual 5G SIM and the latest Erdal Engine 3.0 for a reliable and powerful experience across networks.
The ZERO ULTRA’s curved 71° waterfall display offers an ultra-secure grip and immersive visual experience.
Infinix applied the highest cutting-edge 200MP OIS resolution to dramatically push mobile main cameras to a new level in the ZERO ULTRA.
The ZERO ULTRA comes with a TÜV SÜD 36-Month Fluency Rating A, meaning users have a guaranteed 36 months of smoothness.

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