Infinix ZERO 20 reviewed

We look at the second Infinix device that was recently launched, the ZERO 20. See more on their website here.

Infinix ZERO 20 reviewed

The phone looks well, and came out of the box ready to go, with a quick onboarding process for our testers. They liked the look and feel of it, and felt it compared well with the previous iterations that they had road tested for us. Price is good too, so that it could be allocated to on the go and, or younger users, with confidence about it’s robustness and yet also with good performance too.

The cameras deliver decent enough images, and, as with the Zero Ultra, there are some of its own, in-house apps that provide fun quirky image manipulations that they quickly identified and were rapidly using too.

One thing, and as always it is hard to definitively how long a phone will last, and its lifetime durability, the camera casing is relatively large. This led us to wonder how robust it is over prolonged usage, bumps, drops and all those usual incidental life wear and tear episodes. It seems well embedded, but, short of trying to trash it, we can’t stand over how long it may or may not last.

Our user found it easy to hold, not slippery, with a good tactile surface. In terms of exiting the tabs and swiping in and out, there are the usual options you can reconfigure it to suit your own preferences. On a night setting for the camera the pictures were also quite decent and took usable images. Some of our reviewers found the night sight on Infinix to be much better than on other cameras too, so it can also depend on the expectations of your reviewers too! A decent phone and overall a thumbs up from our testing team.

More about the ZERO 20

ZERO 20:

The ZERO 20 is equipped with an industry-first 60MP OIS front camera for top-notch vlogging capabilities.
The ZERO 20 is powered by the MediaTek Helio G99 for a high-performance monster engine – enabling the next generation of gaming.
Leveling up mobile photography, the ZERO 20 features a 108MP+13MP+2MP triple rear camera – a high-definition camera that delivers stunning detail in every shot.
The ZERO 20 is integrated with a 6.7” FHD+ AMOLED cinematic display with a 90Hz refresh rate that is perfectly suited for gamers, offering a smoother response at the tip of your fingers.
The ZERO 20 offers the convenience of fast charging with its 45W super charge that takes the phone to a 75% charge in just 30 minutes. The phone is also TÜV Rheinland Security Certified.

Industry first 60MP OIS front camera
World’s Best Vlog Camera
MediaTek Helio G99
6nm High Performance Monster Engine
108MP Camera with Double-loop Design
Capture Every Moment
6.7” FHD+ AMOLED Cinematic Display
45W Super Charge
with TÜV Rheinland Security Certified

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