Inclusivity technology for Central Banks, Carmelle Cadet

How often do you hear from a US refugee from Haiti, who was bitten by the Blockchain bug while working at IBM in the financial services area and founded a Regtech serving CENTRAL BANKS? Meet Carmelle Cadet.

Carmelle Cadet, is in her mid-30s and understands liquidity and counterparty risks which were core to the 2008 Global financial crisis. She talks about resilience in financial services, the need to digitize cash, and the complexity of cross-border payments.

Listen to our conversation about her company’s work in the Caribbean, Africa, and even in the US as they will be part of the Technical Sandbox Program announced by The Digital Dollar Project this September.

Technology for Central Banks with an inclusivity mindset, Carmelle Cadet

Carmelle Cadet


Carmelle M. Cadet is the Founder and CEO of EMTECH, a technology company working with central banks around the world to make their financial infrastructures inclusive and resilient by design.

A thought leader and public speaker infintech, Carmelle also advises other women, minority fintech entrepreneurs. She has won and has been nominated for several awards for her leadership and trailblazing work.

In her previous life, Carmelle was the Deputy CFO for IBM Blockchain where she spearheaded the global product commercialization and financial management strategy.

Carmelle earned her Executive .M.B.A. from the New York University Stern School of Business with specializations in Leadership and Global Business, and her B.A. from Florida Atlantic University.  She is originally from Haiti, but now lives in NYC with her husband and son.

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