Hydrogen Ireland Calls for New Integrated Energy Model to Capitalise on Hydrogen Potential

Hydrogen Ireland says an entirely new energy market structure is needed to realise the true potential of alternative forms of energy.

In its report launched today, entitled ‘The Commodification Of Green Hydrogen For Europe’, Hydrogen Ireland argues that green hydrogen can be the catalyst Europe uses to develop renewable energy technologies exponentially and take control of our energy supply. The organisation, which works to raise awareness of green hydrogen’s role in our energy future, will present its findings and other research at its inaugural conference next week (November 22-23) in the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin.

Green hydrogen is emerging as one of the most efficient and cleanest fuels possible while also being potentially carbon neutral – a vital factor as Ireland aims to transition to net zero by 2050.

Paul McCormack, Hydrogen Ireland board member, says it’s important to realise green hydrogen’s role as a disruptor in the energy equation: “Green hydrogen innovation can and will convert our energy systems to the green alternatives we need to fully transition to a new zero-carbon energy model. With green hydrogen as a constituent vector we need a different energy market structure, one which will deliver on the renewables opportunity and provide us with renewable capacity and flexibility.

“This is about nonlinear change in a linear world. We are looking to decouple the old energy model and implement a new integrated energy model that places the customer at the front of the process not at the end. Disruption, by definition, changes the traditional way of doing things, and accelerates change and transformation, which are both urgently needed in our approach to energy.”

Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamon Ryan TD, will deliver the keynote at the conference which is being sponsored by key industry players ESB, Gas Networks Ireland and Siemens Energy.

Hydrogen Ireland is calling for an ‘all hands on deck’ effort that would see governments, scientists, innovators, industry, and communities all working in cohesion as partners in the clean energy transition. With a range of factors around the world putting pressure on the cost of energy and the cost of living, Dr Rory Monaghan of University of Galway, and Hydrogen Ireland board member, says it can be hard to see and focus on the long-term issues: ”The green energy transition is fragile.

Across the globe and especially in Europe nations are turning to fill gaps in their fossil fuel supplies by looking to reopen coal mines, expanding domestic gas production, and securing new import contracts. This new landscape offers difficult terrain. Renewed energy security concerns among many nations risk pushing clean energy ambitions back down the agenda while short-term crises are tackled”.

Hydrogen Ireland’s inaugural annual conference in Dublin will focus on the theme ‘Hydrogen: Securing Ireland’s Green Energy Future’. Along with Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamon Ryan TD, the speaker lineup also includes Paul McGowan, Chairperson, CRU, Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO, Hydrogen Europe, and Mary Considine, CEO, Shannon Airport Group, as well as representatives from sponsors and Hydrogen Ireland members Jim Dollard of ESB, Matthew Knight of Siemens Energy and Edwina Nyhan of Gas Networks Ireland.

For more information on the event and registration, go to www.h2irl.com.

To access the full report ‘The Commodification of Green Hydrogen’, click here.