HUION Creative Pen Tablet- Reviewed

Let’s take a look at the professional graphics tablet, an affordable and helpful tool: The HUION Creative Pen Tablet HS64. The tablet is a 6.3×4 inch working area that is big enough for drawing and gaming and is sure to bring users an enjoyable experience.

HUION Creative Pen Tablet-Reviewed

The Huion Creative Pen tablet is a Pen tablet HS64 that is 6.3×4 inches, big enough for drawing and gaming.  thick pen tablet is designed in a minimalist style with starry dots on the surface, where functionality and minimalism are combined. It is sure to bring users an enjoyable experience.

The tablet is fairly affordable, priced at 39.99 dollars, and made China. The surface is easily smudged, but not difficult to clean. The surface is also somewhat rough so this means that it is more like a sheet of paper than a mouse, which is preferable for sketching. It can easily be connected to either a smartphone or a laptop. The quality of the product seems all well and good, and reasonably durable. The nib of the pen is easy to change if damaged, and there are also many spares provided inside the packaging.

Upgraded pressure sensitivity that boasts 8192 levels renders the movement of and pressure applied to the pen nib with higher accuracy and better performance than ever before. 5080LPI pen resolution enables you to express yourself freely and focus more on details. The higher the value is, more detailed modification can be shown in your creations. There are 4 programmable express keys with comfortable touch are ready to have your work efficiency improved.

The product is easy to set up, and comes with clear instructions. It was delivered efficiently and in good time. The pen has a rubber handle, making it easy to maintain a grip on it, and the rest of it is made of high quality plastic.

The tablet aims to minimises the occurrence of lagging or broken lines, no matter how fast you draw. Express yourself freely with both smooth quick strokes and delicate detail modifications. Create without interruptions. Battery-free pressure sensitive digital pen brings you smooth experience as you are drawing and gaming.

No need of battery and power charge enables you to create without interruption. An assortment of accessories are available for the device, such as a variety of pen options, felt nibs, power plugs and cables, pen stands, bags, cases, keyboards and more.

What we didn’t like: Only one type of nib, No Bluetooth connectivity.

What we liked: The overall size and weight, The design, Pen sensitivity and performance, Price.

Product details

Product Name Huion, Product Model HS64, Colour Black, Pen Technology Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance, Press Keys, 4 Customized Press Keys, Function Keys. Featured function: Working Area (PC Mode)
160 x 102 mm (6.3 x 4 inch).

Working Area (Android Mode) 102 x 63.8 mm, Pressure Levels, 8192 Levels, Pen Resolution, 5080 LPI, Report Rate, 233PPS, Reading Height 10mm, Tilt Recognition, Wireless Connection. Interface Micro USB OS Support Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later Android 6.0 or later. Dimension 200 x 166 x 8 mm, Weight 258g.

What’s in the box :HS64 Pen Tablet,  Battery-free Pen PW100, Micro USB Cable, Pen Nibs x 8, Pen Nib Clip, USB Adapter ,Quick Start Guide.

Product available here.

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