Huckletree Dublin celebrates five years of innovation, reaching 98% occupancy in the past 12 months

Huckletree, the flexible workspace providers operating from the Academy building on Pearse Street, Dublin 2, has seen a 35% growth in occupancy rates this year, bringing total levels to 98%. This month Huckletree celebrates its 5th anniversary in its flagship Irish location. Companies including Starling Bank, Tines, NewsWhip and Axonista are part of the Dublin community.

The company, which also has five hubs across the UK, first opened its doors in Dublin in late 2017, with founding members Silicon Valley Bank, Kontainers and Datadog. Supported by a network of ambassadors, including Dee Coakley, Pete Townsend, and Edel Coen, it has since been a home to tech start-ups and scale-ups at the forefront of the developments and trends hitting the Irish and international tech scene in recent years.

With the global tech industry in a period of transition, Huckletree’s mission is proving that it is more important than ever to build a community for innovation. The team has been witness to the transition from pandemic-enforced remote working to flexible and hybrid models, and believes that it is clear that the desire to gather together has driven this.

“The tech industry is no stranger to change and external pressures and there’s no denying that we are moving into a period of uncertainty. Sustainable, steady growth must be the key focus for tech companies going forward. Now more than ever, shared workspaces and communities like ours should be spaces where people can gather to seek advice, guidance, pivot, innovate and navigate this period together. We really believe in strength in numbers, and the power of network,” says Andrew Lynch, co-founder and board member of Huckletree.

As part of celebrations to commemorate five years in business, Huckletree are bringing the Dublin tech community together as part of ‘The Great Gathering’, a campaign that celebrates the importance of gathering with purpose, with a series of events throughout the month of November. In addition, Huckletree has released The Great Gathering Zine, a playbook for business leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs.

As demand for traditional office space continues to shift, with a move towards flexibility and options that prioritise employee experience, shared workspaces and communities like Huckletree have been at the forefront of this evolution.

“People are looking for interesting opportunities that support their learning and development, and spontaneous moments that harness their creativity at work. We spend a lot of time designing our events and experiences at Huckletree across our hubs, researching topics that will resonate with our members and spark lively debate and meaningful conversation,” commented Aislinn Mahon, Head of Ecosystems at Huckletree.

As growth in the Pearse Street space continues, Huckletree are now looking to find new locations for more spaces across Dublin in the next few years. Areas of interest include Dublin 2 and Dublin 8, where Huckletree has already identified potential opportunities.

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