How to Be a Digital Nomad: Build a Successful Career While Travelling the World

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Digital nomad, reviewed

In theory this book might be selling the dream for you. A good thing is that the narrator has put in the hard yards, done her time, been in a dull job, and decided to travel the world, while working along the way. This does enable the author to share some good insights based on real experience. In some ways one of her early examples of finding the right level is also a sad affair too. She talks about being so wrapped up in her work that she declined a night snorkelling trip, where, appearing for one night only, was phosphorescence. Despite subsequent repeated trips she never managed to see it.

This is an effective way for Ihrig to make the point that it is important to find the right balance. At times the book does sound like she is advocating for how to work 9-5 shifts in foreign places. In someways this does seem like the point has been missed, but overall she is realistic that you do need to think seriously about what your proposed sources of income will be. Ihrig also goes through the nuts and bolts of the things that can, and will go wrong. One of the main strategies of working on the road, remotely, and as a digital nomad, is to manage other people’s expectations of how fast you can, and will turn things around. It also might make sense to not actually endlessly tell people that you are at the beach while they are in the office.

We enjoyed the book and it did provide some good insights and thought provoking points for discussion. Depending on where you are in your own journey this book may be more or less useful for you. You could argue that it would have been good to have more tangible types of income streams for putative digital nomads. However this is not the book for those type of insights, as the author prefers to assume that everyone has their own ideas and particular business hustles.

Where will 2024 take you?

If you become a digital nomad, it can take you literally anywhere.

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More about the book

You don’t need to sacrifice your career to travel the world. Join the 35 million digital nomads who are living, working and exploring to the fullest.

With this book, discover the incredible opportunities of digital nomadism and learn how you can travel the world while also sustaining a successful work-life. How to Be a Digital Nomad gives you everything you need to build a successful career on your terms.

This book is both a practical guide and an insightful exploration of this unique lifestyle. It includes interviews with a diverse range of remote workers, telling stories that span five decades of digital nomadism, and highlights the unique opportunities this lifestyle offers you and your career. Whether you’re looking for a few months away, a working gap year or an entirely new lifestyle, this book will show you how you can take control of your career while travelling the world.

About the Author

Kayla Ihrig is the founder of Writing From Nowhere, through which she consults on topics such as digital nomadism, building online skills and digital marketing. In 2017, she booked a one-way flight and left her job working at an architecture firm behind. She’s been abroad ever since, building a successful career while travelling the world.

She has appeared in Forbes, the BBC, Yahoo Finance, HubSpot, GoDaddy, Fiverr, the Zero to Travel podcast, Medium’s Authority Magazine, and The Offbeat Life. She is currently travelling full-time with her husband.

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