Highlighting Ocean Acidification on the Sustainability Tour with Manel Bustelo and Alana Alvarez Vernice

In this podcast Melanie Boylan chats with Manuel Bustelo and Alana Alvarez Vernice about their ongoing mission to highlight ocean acidification. Listen in to find out how you can help to make everyday changes to improve our planets oceans.



The Sustainable Tour is DAN EU’s project to raise awareness of the need to drastically reduce our CO2 emissions if we want to maintain a healthy ocean. Manu and Alana are touring Europe and its surroundings (UK and Ireland in 2022) in an electric vehicle – recharging it only with renewable energy – visiting dive centres and other interested parties to give lectures on ocean acidification.

Brief intro about Manu: As a mountain climber Manuel Bustelo has witnessed sunsets at 7000 metres and as a diver scuba dived all major coral systems in the world. He is a PADI Open Water Instructor, Fourth Element Ambassador and DAN Europe’s Business Developer manager, helping the Foundation to run new projects that are inline with their Corporate Shared Values.

Brief intro about Alana: She is an ocean conservationist with a background in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Corporate Sustainability. She currently serves as Sustainability & CSR Manager at DAN Europe Foundation. DAN Europe is a Non-profit Organisation that assists and protects divers, conducting scientific research and safety campaigns to make diving a safer, more accessible, and sustainable activity for all.

Find them on their Social Channels IG: @daneurope / @manubustelo / @alanafromthesea – FB: DAN Europe / Manu Bustelo / Alana Alvarez Vernice – Twitter: @DAN_Europe / @Manuel_Bustelo / @AlanaGabriella – LinkedIn: DAN Europe / Manuel Bustelo / Alana Alvarez – Youtube: DiversAlertNetwork / Manu Bustelo • Website address: www.daneurope.org / www.sustainabletour.eu

About Melanie Boylan

Melanie has been a Freelance Journalist on the Irish Tech News senior team since November 2016.  Her background knowledge in Space, Science, Sustainability, Climate Change, STE(A)M, StartUps/ScaleUps and Social Media has allowed for some great chats with some amazing podcast guests.

Melanie also is a Social Media Trainer, Digital Marketer, Mentor, Speaker and separately Co-Founder of STOMP Social Media Training Ltd and The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast and Brand Ambassador for AgoraPulse UK and Ireland.

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