Helping the Aviation Sector to achieve Net-Zero, Cathal Foley CEO PACE

The 2022 UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) is taking place in Egypt this week. Climate Change has become more relevant these days and you only have to look at the weather we have been recently having to see its impact. One of the biggest industries that is impacting on climate change is the aviation sector so how can change to live in a world where Climate Change is taking seriously. Ronan talks to Cathal Foley the CEO of PACE about the solution that PACE has for the aviation sector.

Cathal talks about what PACE is, how PACE helps to achieve Net-Zero, how they power the consumer, sustainability, airlines carbon footprint, creating shareholder value, how Fexco helps them, and how being based in Kerry helps.

More about PACE:

Financial technology and business services company Fexco launched PACE (Platform for Analysing Carbon Emissions), to enable airlines, aircraft lessors, and financiers of the aviation sector to accurately measure and manage their carbon emissions to align with Net Zero targets.

It is a really interesting new technology that allows those in the aviation sector to have an accurate sense of where they are and also model potential future changes – for example, someone like SMBC can model what impact the introduction of Sustainable Aviation Fuel across its fleet.

It’s particularly timely given the recent announcements by Ryanair and IAG of their adoption of sustainable fuel. The technology will also be most helpful as lenders are increasingly seeking to understand carbon emission data when evaluating requests for credit.

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