HealthBeacon launches HB Smart Pills™ Solution

HealthBeacon plc (“HealthBeacon”), the leading digital therapeutics company for injectable medications, has extended its platform to manage complex and critical pill regimens with the launch of its new HB Smart Pills Management System (“HB Smart Pills”).

The announcement will be made at HealthBeacon’s inaugural Vision Event in Boston later today where CEO Jim Joyce will share the Company’s vision from 2022 to 2024, with an interactive product showcase of the Company’s medication adherence technology following talks by global industry leaders and patient advocates on healthcare innovation using digital health technology.

The launch follows the Company’s recent addition of the integrated HB Smart Scale and the partnership with the American Pharmacists Association Foundation.

The HB Smart Pills solution is an elegant device designed to fit into a patient’s home managing up to nine oral medications and integrates seamlessly with the Company’s existing technology platform. The innovative HB Smart Pills solution notifies the patient when prescription refills are required and records visual images of pill containers to ascertain medication adherence.

Adherence to pill regimes is a significant challenge for people with chronic illnesses managing multiple critical medications at different intervals, with up to 60% of patients globally failing to take their medications as prescribed. The U.S. oral solid dosage pharmaceutical market was valued at $214.1 billion in 2021 and is expected to exceed $420.3 billion by 2032.

Expanding the Company’s product offering to now include Pill Management enables HealthBeaconto continue to roll out its technology and services through pharmaceutical companies, specialty pharmacy and governments, deepening its existing relationships and increasing its customer base.

HB Smart Pills will be available through the company’s existing distribution channels in 2023.  To learn more contact

Commenting, HealthBeacon CEO and co-founder, Jim Joyce, said: “Today’s launch of the HB Smart Pills at our inaugural Vision Event is a significant milestone for the Company on its path to becoming the world’s leading digital therapeutics platform for patients managing medications in the home. Broadening our product offering and connecting HealthBeacon members to better health with digitally enabled solutions is an important step on this journey. The recent new product announcements of the HB Smart Pills and integrated Smart Scale build on the significant momentum in the business as leading pharma companies and health systems adopt our technology.”

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