HealthBeacon announces commercial partnership with American Pharmacists Association Foundation

Healthbeacon plc (“HealthBeacon”), the leading digital therapeutics company that develops products for managing medications for patients in the home, today announces a commercial partnership with the American Pharmacists Association Foundation (“APhA Foundation”). The partnership will enable patients to access enhanced medication use support through an integrated pharmacist offering with the HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System (“ICMS”) products in community pharmacies across the United States.

Beginning in September, the partnership will enable pharmacies to offer HealthBeacon’s technology to patients on injectable medications. This will support HealthBeacon’s goal of achieving 100,000 patients using the HealthBeacon ICMS technology by Q1 2024.

The APhA Foundation is an affiliated non-profit of the American Pharmacists Association, the oldest, largest, national professional association of pharmacists in the U.S. The partnership will see the APhA Foundation integrate Pharmacist Support with the HealthBeacon ICMS technology to increase adherence and patient outcomes. HealthBeacon’s Smart Sharps Bin, Companion App, Sustainable Waste Management and access to Data Dashboards and API data integration will be available under the partnership.

The APhA Foundation has developed a novel adherence service called THERxAPYTM which, in this initiative, integrates adherence monitoring with community pharmacy support. This program will be implemented with support from pharmaceutical companies and managed care plans that wish to encourage the success of patients’ adherence with prescribed injectable medications. The HealthBeacon partnership will now see its technology integrated into the Foundation’s THERxAPYTM service.

Welcoming the partnership, Jim Joyce, HealthBeacon CEO, said:

“The community pharmacy setting is an excellent location for patients to access innovative pharmacist-delivered medication adherence support and tools. Today half of all patients fail to utilize their medications as prescribed, costing healthcare systems billions of avoidable costs and the patients their underlying health.

Together we have developed a best-in-class tech and service offering to address this challenge and we are delighted to be working the APhA Foundation to make this a reality. We believe this is a positive step in making our technology more accessible to patients across the United States and that it will provide us with a model to deploy in other markets in the future.”

Enthusiastically about the partnership, Benjamin Bluml, RPh, APhA Foundation Executive Director and SVP, Research & Innovation said:

“The evidence base supporting the role of the pharmacist in improving medication adherence through patient-centred, team-based care services is strong and continues to grow. We are committed to designing and implementing innovative solutions that improves the lives of those we serve!

The APhA Foundation’s research and innovation initiatives focus on demonstrating how pharmacists can improve healthcare. It aims to create a new medication use system where patients, pharmacists, physicians and other healthcare professionals collaborate in interprofessional way to improve the cost-effectiveness and quality of patient health outcomes”.