Growing a Sustainable Business: Insights from StartUp Ballymun’s All-Female Panel of Entrepreneurs

Sustainability, What’s In It for a Small Business?

by Billy Linehan

The Growing a Sustainable Business event organised by StartUp Ballymun on 19 April, promises to be a special opportunity for small business owners and entrepreneurs. They will learn how to grow a business whilst being environmentally responsible. Funded by Dublin City Council, StartUp Ballymun is now in its 10th edition. The organisers are Liam Barry, Economic Development Officer in Ballymun for Dublin City Council, and Billy Linehan of Celtar Advisers (author of this article).

The event will be opened by Caroline Conroy, Lord Mayor of Dublin and a local councillor for the Ballymun area. The Lord Mayor’s attendance underlines the importance of the event for the local community and the wider Dublin region.

Growing a Sustainable Business

Climate Change: A Major Concern for Small Businesses

Climate change is a major concern for small businesses, as it not only impacts the environment but also their bottom line. Sustainable practices can help small businesses save money, reduce waste, and attract more customers.  Consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact of their purchasing decisions on the environment.

Where to find out more about the event?

To find out more, and book a ticket, please check out our Eventbrite PAGE 

Female Business Leaders

The all-female panel of entrepreneurs reflects the growing importance of gender diversity in business and the leadership role that women are playing in creating a more sustainable future. The panel will feature six exceptional women entrepreneurs who are leading the way in their respective fields:

Giselle Makinde of Cream of The Crop Gelato, winner of the LEO Fingal Enterprise Award 2023, who will speak about their zero-waste, more taste ethos.
Megan Best of Native Events, who will share her experience in driving climate action in the events, creative, and cultural sector.
Clare Tait of Chocolately Clare, who will talk about her handcrafted chocolate business and the importance of using organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients.
Carol Lopez of Culinary Microherbs, who will introduce the wonders of microgreens to the Irish consumer.
Pamela Doyle of Job Alert, who will share insights on how to advertise for staff in a competitive environment, and grow a business  based on a hybrid working model
Emma Finn of Bees on the Roof, who will highlight the benefits of biodiversity in the workplace and how it can positively impact your organisation.

The speakers are excited about participating in the event, and they have shared their thoughts on the opportunity:

“I am thrilled to be part of this all-female panel of entrepreneurs who share a common vision for creating a more sustainable future,” comments Giselle Makinde. “I look forward to sharing our experiences and insights with the audience.”

Emma Finn is “delighted to be part of the event and share my experience of promoting biodiversity in the workplace. I believe that everyone can benefit from the positive impact that nature can have on their business.”

Support Organisations and Exhibitors

The event will feature support organisations from the Circular Economy sector, such as the Rediscovery Centre and the Community Resource Network Ireland. And from the business support network,  LEO Dublin City, Dublin Northwest Partnership, and Innovate Communities. Local businesses, members of the Ballymun 4 Business network, will also participate in a business exhibition, showcasing their products and services.

Role of Small Business and Climate Change

The event’s theme of sustainability is particularly important given the current global climate crisis. Small businesses play a crucial role in mitigating climate change, as they are able to implement sustainable practices and adapt more quickly to changing market demands. By prioritising sustainability, businesses not only reduce their carbon footprint but also improve their bottom line through cost savings and increased customer loyalty.

Diversity and StartUps

The all-female panel of entrepreneurs is also an important step towards promoting gender equality in entrepreneurship. Despite progress in recent years, women are still under-represented in the startup and tech sectors, and face unique challenges in accessing funding and support.

(Please note that three of the businesses above have male co-founders).

Building a More Sustainable Future

Overall, the Growing a Sustainable Business event promises to be an informative and inspiring day for entrepreneurs and sustainability advocates. From the all-female panel of speakers to the support organisations in attendance, the event highlights the importance of collaboration and inclusivity in building a more sustainable future. As Liam Barry noted, “We’re excited to see the positive impact that this event will have on our community, and look forward to seeing the innovative ideas and collaborations that emerge from it.”

Much thanks to Simon Cocking and Irish Tech News for continuing to support StartUp Ballymun!

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