Green Hydrogen insights with Michael Hecht, CEO for Greater New Orleans Inc.

It is now undeniable: climate change and extreme weather caused by carbon emissions is here, and the need to transition to a green energy economy in America is imminent. But supporters and critics alike have reasonable questions and concerns, how can we transition the energy economy at scale without upending whole markets and suffering massive job losses? Many argue the answer is Green Hydrogen, including Michael Hecht, CEO for Greater New Orleans Inc. (GNO Inc.)

Ronan talks to Michael about his background, green hydrogen, Irish tech, the American energy mix in the future, New Orleans, and how tech has helped.

More about Green Hydrogen in America:
The global Green Hydrogen market is on track to grow 6,000% by 2031, and with tax credits thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, could become much cheaper than traditional gray hydrogen – hydrogen that is produced using environmentally harmful natural gas or fossil fuels.
Three cities are leading the way for America’s transition with regional Green Hydrogen hubs:

New Orleans: Louisiana is the #1 consumer of gray hydrogen in the country – 3 times as much as the next stateIn and produces more oil and gas jobs per capita. Southern Louisiana is now at the forefront of the energy evolution, leveraging scale to kickstart a Green Hydrogen hub that will reduce the cost of Hydrogen to $1/gallon, retain and create 100,000 jobs, grow regional GDP by 3.5%, and shrink carbon emissions by 68%.

Building on its success in offshore wind, the aptly named H2theFuture project, will develop a new energy cluster in South Louisiana, spanning the clean hydrogen life cycle, from R&D at Louisiana universities, to an end-use project at the Port of South Louisiana, fueling Mississippi River Barges with Green H2.

New York: The Empire State is leading a regional “hydrogen ecosystem” for the northeast. By leveraging a 4-state partnership with New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, the coalition can integrate offshore wind and PV to decarbonize the entire hydrogen value chain. Port Authority will even be taking advantage, acting as a customer and facilitating Green Hydrogen exports.

Utah: The ACES Delta Green Hydrogen project located in central Utah is a one-of-its kind- clean energy storage project that will be crucial for a a 100% clean energy economy in the region. The Green Hydrogen hub will have the capability to store energy for months at a time. Once completed, the hub will be able to provide Green Hydrogen to other states in the Intermountain West.

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