Google Pixel Buds Pro reviewed

Hot off the press, to coincide with the launch of the Google Pixel 6a, the Google Pixel Buds Pro have been launched too, to offer you a new earphone to use with the new phone potentially. You can see more on their store here.

Google Pixel Buds Pro review

Previous iterations of the pixel buds have been popular with our testers, so there was some intense debate about who would get to trial this pair when it arrived in the office. One initial observation from one of our testers was disappointment that it no longer had the small hook that enabled it to latch onto the outside of your ear. This was a feature on previous iterations that our testers liked, and also felt that it differentiated this product from others. They felt that it helps to stop the buds from falling out of your ear as easily too.

Maybe there is a design reason for this, or maybe they just felt that it was a feature that was not valued. Perhaps it is also horses for course and some may love it too. The battery power is pretty good and hopefully this new version will do the same. Previous versions started out well in this regard, if not perhaps giving you a whole days charge, but subsequently not quite reaching those heights with repeated use. With this one, as with the Pixel 6a too, it is then an open question about, while being great from the box, how they will be performing in 12 – 18 months down the line.

Noise cancelling works well, the ability to navigate tracks and tunes also work well. Overall our testers like the gear, felt the container was compact but worked well. They were slightly on the fence about if the removal of the outer clip was a retrograde step, but overall it still remains a hot piece of gear within the office, with a three way battle between different testers in regard to who will continue to keep ‘testing’ it going forwards.

Google Pixel Buds Pro product specs

Sweat and water resistant: IPX4
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Each earbud:
Custom-designed 11 mm dynamic speaker driver
Active Noise Cancellation
Transparency mode
Volume EQ
Active in-ear pressure relief

Each earbud:
Three microphones
Voice accelerometer
Wind-blocking mesh covers

11 hours without ANC
7 hours with ANC
31 hours with case without ANC
USB-C charging port
Wireless charging
Each earbud:
Capacitive touch (tap and swipe) sensors for music, calls, and Assistant
IR proximity sensor for in-ear detection to play and pause automatically
Motion-detecting accelerometer and gyroscope
Hall Effect sensor for case open and close detection


Premium Active Noise Cancellation adapts to you.

Active Noise Cancellation uses Silent Seal to adapt to your ear and block outside sounds. It creates a quiet foundation so your music can shine.

Sounds amazing at any volume.

Volume EQ adjusts the tuning as you turn the volume up or down, so highs, mids, and lows consistently sound balanced at any level.1

Small buds. Big sound.

Custom-designed 11 mm speaker drivers make music sound powerful, yet nuanced. A full 5-band EQ lets you customise the sound to your preferences.

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