Getvisibility continues worldwide growth with Forcepoint partnership

Getvisibility, an Irish based company that has developed an AI-powered platform for data discovery, classification, security and governance, has announced that it is continuing to grow worldwide through its partnership with global security leader Forcepoint.

Underpinned by Getvisibility’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) models, Forcepoint recently launched a new solution called Forcepoint Data Visibility. This latest release enhances Forcepoint’s data security offerings and meets the growing demand among companies to discover and classify legacy data, thus providing full protection for customers.

This new AI-powered, end-to-end discovery and classification solution delivers a panoramic view of all enterprise data stored across multiple clouds, on-premises data centres and endpoints. In turn, it reduces the risk of data loss, data breaches and non-compliance. Furthermore, it enables highly accurate classification, continuous monitoring, precise control, and greater automation.

Through Forcepoint Data Visibility – which also delivers multi-system scanning, in-depth reporting and enhanced permission controls – businesses can both locate and catalogue data, and leverage Forcepoint’s enterprise data security suite to prevent data exfiltration and protect company information.

This new product not only expands Forcepoint’s offering to its existing client base but also opens up new markets for both it and Getvisibility. There has already been global demand for the solution, which is available worldwide, among large enterprise and mid-market organisations.

Getvisibility and Forcepoint are already driving transformation and innovation within the sector, with Forcepoint having integrated Getvisibility’s Synergy products into its Data Classification solution for customers earlier this year.

Getvisibility’s platform is a flexible, purpose-built solution which identifies, classifies and secures unstructured data. Replacing manual data classification efforts, it streamlines this process and accelerates cloud migration by providing intelligence that helps to more effectively clean data sets. It also creates accurate data security and compliance reports and automates GDPR SAR requests.

Mark Brosnan, CEO, Getvisibility, said: “Our AI capabilities help us stand out from the crowd in terms of efficiency, accuracy and scalability. With the total visibility that our platform provides, we supercharge Forcepoint’s data protection capabilities, providing a world-class solution to our collective client base. In turn, we help customers to leverage data and drive business value, while lowering risk and cost.

“Building on the success of Forcepoint’s Data Classification, we were delighted to work hand in hand with them to provide this new Data Visibility solution. A partnership like this, with a global leader like Forcepoint, is validation of our cutting-edge technology. We are proud to be sitting at the heart of a new era in data management and security, where organisations now have the tools to better understand, classify and protect their unstructured data.”

Rees Johnson, Chief Product Officer for Forcepoint, added: “Businesses and governments today must have a comprehensive data security strategy that sheds light on what data they have, where it’s located, and how to prioritise actions to prevent misuse, theft and wasted resources. Forcepoint Data Visibility brings much needed intelligence and automation to help security teams quickly uncover risk, reduce costs and ensure the right access controls to business data, continuously leveraging the power of AI.”

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