Geotab Announces Partnership With Nevo To Drive Sustainability Efforts On Ireland’s Roads

Geotab, a global leader in connected transportation solutions, has announced a partnership in Ireland with Nevo, the first dedicated Electric Vehicle platform in the country, to help fleets on their sustainability journey and their switch to electric.

The partnership enables Nevo to capitalise on Geotab’s rich data insights and foresight to make the best fleet decisions for the future. It means that conventional powered fleets – with liquid powered Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) – can make the best decisions for fuel and efficiency savings with their existing vehicles. At the same time, Nevo can also use Geotab’s data expertise to make the recommendations for a switch to an electric vehicle future.

By providing Geotab solutions, Nevo can provide the Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment, a tool developed specifically to assess which electric vehicles are best suited to fleet needs. In the last Geotab study, six-out-of-ten light-duty European fleet vehicles could be switched to fully electric vehicles at a lower total cost of ownership than existing fleets.

Aaron Jarvis, Associate Vice President Sales & Business Development, UK & Ireland at Geotab, said: “Our partnership with Nevo offers the best of both worlds, providing the benefits of our leading global technology platform delivered by local experts in the market. This comes about at a tipping point for the telematics industry in Ireland, with companies looking to deliver on sustainability goals and bring about fleet savings to achieve a competitive edge. We are really excited to work with Nevo, who are really tapped into all of the changes underway in the Irish transportation landscape.”

The Irish government has recently given the green light to the Climate Action Plan – promising to keep Ireland’s emissions within its mandatory carbon reduction budget and achieve the target of reducing emissions by 51% by 2030 (from a 2018 baseline).

The initiative between Nevo and Geotab puts a framework in place for the transportation sector to focus on its green credentials.

Derek Reilly, Nevo General Manager, said: “Traditional fleets are under ever increasing pressures to cut costs. But there has also never been a better time to make the switch to electric in light of high fuel costs and other inflationary pressures facing businesses. My advice to any business owner is to use the power of data to deliver efficiencies for your business, whether with your existing fleet or considering a switch to electric.

“Geotab is not a traditional tracking company. Its technology offers a goldmine of potential insights on every aspect of fleet performance. It can help companies deliver on decarbonisation efforts, improve fuel efficiency, enhance vehicle maintenance schedules and boost driver safety. This partnership offers Nevo a clear point of difference and will help us tap into the business opportunities emerging from Ireland’s Climate Action Plan.”

As part of the Drive Inc. group of companies, which focuses on automotive technology, Nevo is dedicated to improving Ireland’s transportation infrastructure. Drive Inc. also includes TradeBid (a dealer to dealer marketplace), Sweep (consumer car buying platform) & InstaBid (a platform allowing consumers to sell their vehicle to dealers).

By incorporating Geotab’s telematics hardware into existing and new vehicles, Nevo’s commercial customers can transform their fleets into Internet of Things (IoT) devices which ultimately serves as the foundation for a carbon emissions reduction strategy.

Through the suite of tools available from Geotab, including the Green Fleet Dashboard, customers can investigate the fleet’s fuel consumption and vehicle usage, determining a baseline to benchmark fleet emissions. These insights will help companies target factors contributing to excess fuel use and rightsize fleets.  Additional benefits also include ensuring that drivers always optimise their route planning and operate to the highest safety standards on Ireland’s roads.

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