Fitbit announces Irregular Heart Rhythm feature availability in Ireland

Fitbit announced its next generation of wearables to help give you fitness, health and wellness tools to help you reach your goals. So whether you’re just starting out or love to dig into health stats, there is a device to fit everyone’s need.

Fitbit Irregular Heart Rhythm feature

Here’s a brief look at the new devices:

Sense 2 is our most advanced health-focused smartwatch with multiple days of battery life that helps you manage stress and track your heart health with sensors that can detect signs of atrial fibrillation through our ECG app and PPG algorithm (both FDA cleared and CE marked), heart rate variability, skin temperature and more. It also includes our new Body Response sensor, the first on-wrist continuous EDA (cEDA) sensor for all-day stress management. Sense 2 is available for €299.95. Find more detailed information here.

Versa 4 is a fitness-focused smartwatch that offers over 40 exercise modes, real-time stats, built-in GPS and Active Zone Minutes, plus Premium features like Daily Readiness to help you reach your activity goals. Versa 4 is available for €229.95. Find more detailed information here.

Inspire 3 is a fun, easy-to-use tracker that helps you stay on top of your health with 10 days of battery life. It’s a great entry-level device with a rich color display that can track important metrics at our most accessible price point. Inspire 3 is available for €99.95. Find more detailed information here

All devices include a six-month Fitbit Premium membership for deeper insights and guidance. Fitbit Premium, which is included with all new device purchases for six months, takes your experience even further with additions like Daily Readiness Score and Sleep Profile to dive deeper into your stats and progress, and over 1,000 workout and mindfulness sessions to keep your mind and body active.

Fitbit also announced that it is bringing a new heart health feature to Ireland, Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications, following CE Mark approval. Fitbit’s mission has always been to help make everyone in the world healthier and with the introduction of this feature, it is continuing to innovate to make the invisible, visible, bringing new health and wellness metrics to users.

The Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications feature is powered by Fitbit’s PPG (photoplethysmography) algorithm. The feature passively assesses your heart rhythm in the background while you’re being still or sleeping. If there’s anything that might be suggestive of AFib, you’ll get notified via the Fitbit app so you can talk with your doctor for a more informed discussion and assessment.

See here for more detailed information on the feature and the technology that powers it.

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