Fintech Data-Driven AI Model Training in LATAM with Dr. Alejandro Betancourt

In this episode Dr. Efi Pylarinou talks to Dr. Alejandro Betancourt, an AI academic who has collaborated extensively with AI luminary Andrew Ng and has hands-on Fintech experience, discusses one of Latin America`s leading innovation in data and fintech.
A captivating discussion on electronic invoicing and supply chain finance which is years ahead in Latam.

Closing with an insightful discussion around the mind-shift required to unlock value in financial services and leverage the advancements in training AI models.

Fintech AI Model Training in LATAM Dr. Alejandro Betancourt

Dr. Alejandro Betancourt is a distinguished leader in Artificial Intelligence and Data, with a particularly impactful contribution to the Fintech sector. He earned a Ph.D. in Cognitive Environments and holds degrees in Applied Mathematics, giving him a unique blend of technical expertise and theoretical acumen. As the Chief Data Officer of KLYM, he has been instrumental in shaping the company’s data strategy, driving its expansion across Latin America, and paving the way for innovative financial solutions. His work encompasses the full data lifecycle, from acquisition and engineering to insightful application via data science and business intelligence tools.

Beyond his executive role, Dr. Betancourt is deeply involved in the AI community, with collaborations with AI luminary Andrew Ng and over 20 published articles in top-tier journals. Yet, his approach remains grounded and community-oriented. He believes in the power of collaborative effort to advance technology and is keen to explore potential collaborations, creating a synergy that fuels AI innovation and its practical implementation. His vision is to continue unlocking the potential of AI and data systems, paving the way for their transformative impact in the Fintech industry and beyond.

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