Final UX2000 headphones, reviewed

We look at the new headphones from Final, see more about the Final UX2000 here.

What are the Final UX2000 headphones like?

Out of the box they have a good user experience and a nice feel to them. The reviewers liked trialing previous members of the Final headphones family, so there was a positive expectation around reviewing these ones also. The company name, Final, does take a bit of getting used to. Maybe it translates from something more evocative in it’s native language, but perhaps someone should have told them that ‘Final’ isn’t necessarily the epitome of cool in English. Perhaps suggesting death or terminal, rather than awesome or amazing. Still we guess that a name is a name, and, if the product is strong enough then the user will be happy to use it.

First up, the price is good, this is not going to cost you an arm and a leg, but you are still getting a good quality and sturdy feeling product. School studying pupils and students come to mind as optimal users for this product, to get on with their studies, especially with the good noise cancelling attributes of this product. Again with the naming, if the previous iteration was the 3000, then why is this called the 2000, does this mean that they are counting down, 1000 next and then the zero? Who knows, anyway I guess we have digressed back into nomenclature here. If you stack up the features versus the price, again this product does well.

Another good aspect to the headphones is that it folds up in a neat, smart way. This means you can travel easily with them, perhaps in your pocket. You might wish it came with it’s own purpose made travel bag, but, as it delivers well in many other aspects this is probably a small debit point. Our reviewers liked this product, witnessed by the fact that they were in no hurry to return it, which suggests that it was a usable and likeable piece of gear.

More about UX2000 ANC headphones from Final

Final’s previous ANC headphone release was the UX3000, which gained multiple awards and global recognition for its minimal design and impressive audio quality. Now with the UX2000, Final has harnessed its award-winning expertise and applied this to its new ANC wireless headphone for under £100.

The UX2000 is more than just a new addition to the UX series; it represents Final’s commitment to combining state-of-the-art technology with unparalleled audio performance. Whether for gaming, music, or calls, the UX2000 is engineered to deliver an unmatched auditory experience, setting new standards in the wireless headphone market.

Available in Cream or Black, the Final UX2000 will be available for £99/$119/€109 from Amazon and selected retailers worldwide.

All new design and set of features

The Final UX2000 inherits the legacy of the UX3000 while introducing its own unique design and features. Developed for everyday use, the UX2000 is lightweight and robust with a premium matte finish that is resistant to fingerprints and smudges for a clean and professional look. The advanced hybrid noise cancelling technology removes a significant amount of background and ambient noise for an immersive and distraction free listening experience.

Key Features

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation: Equipped with a sophisticated system that effectively cancels external noises for a serene listening experience.
Gaming Mode with Low-Latency: Specially designed for gamers, providing synchronized audio with on-screen action for an immersive gaming experience.

Up to 45 Hours of music Playback: Offers substantial playback time, ideal for long commutes, work sessions, or gaming marathons.

Multi-Fit Housing Structure: Adjustable in multiple directions for a perfect fit, ensuring comfort even during extended use.

Fingerprint-Proof Matte Finish: The body of the device features a matte finish, making it resistant to fingerprints and oil, and ensuring that it doesn’t easily show dirt.

Foldable Design for Compact Storage: The headphones can be folded into a compact form making them convenient to carry.


Colour: Cream/Black

Communication Format: Bluetooth 5.3

Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Codecs Supported: SBC, AAC

Profiles Supported: HFP, A2DP, AVRCP

Continuous Music Playback: ANC ON:45 hours. ANC OFF:60 hours

Maximum Standby Time: Max 200 hours (ANC OFF)

Charging Time: 2.5 hours

Battery Capacity: 700mAh

About Final

Established in 2007, Final began as a subsidiary of the major American connector manufacturer Molex; in 2014, it went independent through an MBO by the current management team. Now is what you would call, its second formation.

Products such as earphones and headphones belong to a category known as current electrical appliances whose value is the greatest when they are brand new. We, however, would like to create earphones and headphones that people have an affinity for and continue to use in much the same way they have with a mechanical wristwatch, the kind that will be valued as an antique in the future.

To that end, it is necessary to embody the design of the product and the way in which it is considered, including the repair system, as a concrete organisation or structure.

Our brand concept is simple and has not changed since the company’s inception – “The comprehensive pursuit of things that are fundamentally right”. In our pursuit of this, we have actively adopted cutting edge technology such as 3D printers. We believe that such a pursuit is what creates a brand.

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