Fexillon enters US market announcing strategic partnership with JE Dunn Construction

Fexillonthe Ireland-based leading provider of digital asset management solutions for infrastructure and real estate, and JE Dunn Construction, one of the largest construction companies in the US, have announced a strategic partnership agreement that will see the Irish building tech company play a critical role in the build and roll out of mission critical sites worth over $3 billion in investment across the US.

The strategic partnership will involve JE Dunn utilising Fexillon’s knowledge and expertise across up to 10 sites over the next 12 to 24 months, supporting the information delivery path from Construction to Operations management and facilitating knowledge transfer of JE Dunn’s mission critical sites to Owners in locations across the US.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the JE Dunn Construction team,” said Fexillon CEO, Kieran Beggan. “Today’s announcement marks the next step in our future direction and the ongoing development of Fexillon in North America. Being appointed as a strategic partner to JE Dunn’s build programme, worth $3 billion in construction value, underlines our commitment to working together to radically change the construction industry and built environment for the benefit of customers, the occupier and the environment. Fexillon’s pipeline of work is set for exponential growth and reinforces our conviction around the significant future opportunities for the company in the US.” 

Chris Teddy, Vice President at JE Dunn Construction, commented: “We are delighted to have Fexillon as one of our strategic partners. As a leading provider of construction services in North America with a legacy of almost 100 years, our mission is to deliver construction in a manner exceeding the expectation of our clients and that can’t be done without best-in-class support. Fexillon has decades of experience in the digital construction field and the reliability of their team, coupled with its streamlined approach, platform, and expansion capabilities, make them a perfect choice to partner with across our mission-critical sites throughout the US.” 

Fexillon is the leading Ireland-based provider of building information and asset management. Its software and value-added services create a secure environment for managing building information from planning and design stage, construction and handover to operations and maintenance for the building owner and operator. The company’s platform enables its clients to make proactive, data-led decisions in real time, which allows them to make better, more collaborative decisions around reducing energy consumption and operational emissions through to creating zero energy buildings.?

Fexillon’s platform is already in use across several sectors including construction, energy, healthcare, and critical infrastructure throughout Ireland and the UK. It is a current collaborator of Microsoft which sees Fexillon utilise Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform to support bespoke, detailed, and interactive digital replicas of Microsoft’s built infrastructure.

Fexillon has experienced immense growth over the 18 months, during which the company announced its expansion into the UK and USA as part of its growth strategy, grew its headcount and raised €2 million in equity through The Davy EIIS Fund, an employment and investment incentive scheme which is managed on behalf of investors by BES Management DAC, a joint venture between BDO and Davy.

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