Executive PA Summit highlights challenges and opportunities for Ireland’s EA and PAs in the hybrid world 

The dynamic role of the Assistant is at the beating heart of every organisation. Often referred to as the unsung heroes, they hold the reputation of the person in the office who subtly gets things done. EAs and PAs need to be highly efficient, a step ahead of everyone else (including the person they support) and attuned to the needs of their Executive.

Executive PA Summit, September 7th and 8th

While the focus of the role revolves around saving time, energy and headspace for the person(s) they support, they have increasingly become involved in projects and tasks outside the usual remit of what an Assistant is normally responsible for.

The past number of years have thrown up a number of challenges for the profession – losing out on crucial face-to-face time with their Executive to get answers and keep all the moving parts moving; co-ordinating staff meetings when half the team are hybrid or remote working, and on a more personal level coping with feelings of isolation considering the role sits as an intermediary between the boss and the rest of the team.

When staff numbers were reduced and budgets cut, very often tasks and projects would land on the PA’s desks, even more so than usual – as there was seemingly nobody else to take them on. 

This is not necessarily a bad thing according to Adam Fidler, keynote speaker at this year’s Executive PA Summit, who says that Assistants that take the lead on company-wide initiatives – broadening their own responsibilities and managerial astuteness – have demonstrated added value to their organisation.

Adam who is a renowned international Executive Assistant Coach and trainer, notes that in the new work environment where employee contribution is monitored more and more closely, the EA who brings true value to the organisation is the one who works with the boss, and not for them. 

The rapid acceleration of technology to enable organisations to work more effectively and efficiently in the new work environment has also created unique opportunities for EAs , PAs and professionals working in business support. Advances mean they can now outsource many previously time-consuming activities, and thereby put more focus and energy on enhancing leadership effectiveness.

Simon Cocking, Editor in Chief of Irish Tech News will deliver a talk on September 7th on advances in technology and what they mean for the Support role now and into the future, so delegates can ensure they are working in the most effective way possible with the person(s) they support. Simon will also host a workshop on September 8th on embracing the evolution of technology and the benefits it can bring to delivering services efficiently and intuitively.

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With a rise in the use of productivity tools, collaboration and team effectiveness software, EAs and PAs are often one of the first to trial these tools and may even be responsible for managing their rollout in an organisation.  

Embracing challenges is a key theme of the Summit and Derek Kearney, senior EA at Linked In, will share his journey of training in MMA to push himself out of his comfort zone – an experience which has influenced and accelerated his career. 

Other themes and topics of the 2 day conference include:

Performance improvement as your opportunity for growth in the support role from former EA and FIFA referee Paula Brady
Building Your Ambition with Confidence as an EA or PA with Executive Coach Fiona Flynn
Careers Clinic – the most desirable skills in 2022/2023 for EAs, PAs, Office & Business Support professionals – with Siobhan Kelly, Career Consultant
Understanding Human Performance – The 6 Universal Human Needs and Success Patterns that every Smart EA should know, with Coach Therese Phipps
Using Conflict for Positive Results, Innovation & Growth as an EA or PA with Eileen Blishen, Mediator and Conflict Resolution Officer

Offering delegates the option to attend 1 day or 2 days, the CPD-accredited Executive PA Summit is tailored to deliver learnings specific to the EA/PA role, with respected trainers and coaches who have either ‘walked the walk’ as an Executive Assistant, or have a vast knowledge of the role.  

Given the nature of this event, it is the only one of its kind in Ireland for the profession, therefore, remains a top priority for delegates in terms of keeping up their professional development, networking, and upskilling. They go back to the office with a renewed sense of motivation and dedication to their career. 

The Executive PA Summit takes place September 7th and 8th at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin.

Full Agenda Here: https://executivepaforum.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Executive-PA-Summit-2022-FULL-AGENDA.pdf 

For more information and to register, visit www.executivepaforum.com 

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