Esri’s digital mapping system delivers savings of €5.8M to Fibrus in NI broadband rollout

Esri Ireland, the market leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), has announced that its digital mapping system has delivered savings of up to €5.8 million to broadband provider Fibrus as it accelerates broadband rollout in Northern Ireland. Fibrus is providing connectivity to 85,000 rural homes and businesses under the Northern Ireland Executive’s initiative, Project Stratum.

Using its ArcGIS technology, Esri Ireland designed a suite of integrated solutions to streamline processes throughout the entire lifecycle of planning, constructing, and maintaining fibre networks. The technology is improving cost control for Fibrus, as ArcGIS calculates precise costs for new infrastructure plans and optimises the number of potential customers in project areas.

The solution is transforming Fibrus’ operations and resulting in time savings of 500 hours per week for Fibrus, its contractors, and subcontractors. It has enhanced process efficiency by at least 50% and is enabling the company to maintain a steady rate of over 5,000 rural home and business connections every month.

Wherever they’re working, over 1,000 field operatives can view plans on digital maps, collect survey data, record cable and pole installations, and flag any issues. Data is shared in real-time to a central dashboard which is improving workflows and increasing collaboration. This has also improved data accuracy, streamlined time-intensive tasks, and decreased misinformation-related issues, enabling Fibrus to meet targets significantly faster.

Issues such as cut cables or storm-damaged poles are now promptly identified, simplifying maintenance planning and facilitating rapid repairs. Dependence on paper-based maps has been eliminated, and Fibrus also uses data collected and shared via ArcGIS online to validate contractor invoices and approve payments based on the latest construction progress information.

Riain Garcia, Senior Manager, GIS, Fibrus, said: “Esri’s system provides far greater visibility of what is happening on the ground, helping us to improve financial control, traceability, and accountability. We have already seen significant cost savings by using ArcGIS to reduce build revisits and by using dashboards to track progress instead of manual processes.” 

“I don’t think we would have accomplished the exceptionally high number of connections needed for Project Stratum as fast as we did without ArcGIS. It gives everyone a one-stop shop for information on everything to do with Fibrus projects.”

Philip McLaughlin, Client Manager, Esri Ireland, said: “Fibrus is paving the way towards a more connected future. We’re thrilled to see our technology making a real difference in bringing connectivity to people and businesses throughout Northern Ireland. ArcGIS is a powerful tool which is not only impacting positively on Fibrus and its operations, but is ultimately benefitting and connecting more communities.”

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