Equality Versus Polycrisis with Common Future

Is inequality the inevitable byproduct of accelerating change?  Can we reverse the winner-take-all dynamic? Common Future is a “think and do tank” dedicated to closing the racial wealth gap by empowering individuals to take ownership of their futures. The three co-CEOs of Common Future tell the Futurists about their strategies and action labs to build economic power and build real estate ownership amid black, brown and indigenous communities across the USA. Because everyone deserves a stake in a fairer future.

Equality Versus Polycrisis with Common Future

Web site:  https://www.commonfuture.co/

Generations of Black and Indigenous communities and other communities of color are intentionally locked out of wealth and power. We collaborate with leaders who have the imagination and courage to rethink our economy, and model new ways for excluded communities to thrive.

Brett King Bestselling Author, Founder, Radio Host www.thefuturists.com www.brettking.com

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