EPAM and Sitecore Announce Enhanced Strategic Alliance to Enable Large Enterprise Digital Transformation Deployments for Sitecore’s Technologies

EPAM Systems, Inc., a leading digital transformation services and product engineering company, has announced an enhanced global strategic alliance with Sitecore, a worldwide leader in end-to-end digital experience software. The enhanced partnership involves a mutual commitment from Sitecore and EPAM to invest in joint solution offerings, product accelerators and customer strategy to improve the value enterprise users can derive from Sitecore’s software investments. This alliance will help organisations better respond to the demand for modern content, experiences and commerce solutions.

“We are thrilled about our enhanced Global Strategic Alliance with Sitecore, and about the opportunities this partnership will bring to help more than a hundred of our shared large enterprise customers continue to thrive on their digital transformation journeys,” said Kevin Labick, Global Head of Digital, EPAM. “Through our long-standing collaboration and strong partnership with Sitecore, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle from strategy and design to implementation and optimisation.”

As part of this Global Strategic Alliance with Sitecore, EPAM will offer customers the benefit of the following specialised engineering and consulting expertise:

Access to Sitecore’s technology best practices: EPAM’s clients will leverage Sitecore’s leading digital experience software for content management, personalisation, marketing automation and e-commerce to build more engaging and effective digital experiences for end users.

Expertise in Sitecore implementation: EPAM will provide customers with comprehensive implementation, accelerators and support services for Sitecore’s solutions, including architecture, development, deployment and optimisation.

Enhanced digital experience: By combining Sitecore’s technology with EPAM’s expertise, customers will be able to create personalised digital experiences for their end users. This will help improve customer satisfaction and drive higher conversion rates.

Scalability and flexibility: EPAM will leverage Sitecore’s scalability and flexibility to provide tailored solutions that meet customers’ unique requirements, enabling customers to adapt to changing business needs and market conditions.

“We’re excited to further combine the strength of Sitecore’s technology with EPAM’s industry-leading digital expertise to enhance customised strategies, implementations and product integrations for clients seeking transformative digital experiences and accelerated time-to-market,” said Owen Taraniuk, Global SVP, Partners, Sitecore. “With more than 1,000 Sitecore experienced professionals onboard and having received numerous Sitecore Experience Awards, EPAM is a trusted provider of large-scale, digital marketing solutions for some of the world’s leading companies.”

As a platinum enterprise solutions partner, EPAM has offered end-to-end Sitecore solutions since 2007. The Company leveraged Sitecore technology as the strategic digital partner for the launch of INEOS Automotive’s new Grenadier vehicle, in which EPAM managed the digital go-to-market strategy and delivery for the new 4X4 vehicle.

“The INEOS Grenadier go-to-market model is very different from that of other manufacturers, meaning we have to offer a leading digital customer experience to build interest in our new vehicle,” said Matt Dunnakey, Head of Marketing, INEOS Automotive Limited. “That drove us from the outset to focus on selecting the right technology in Sitecore, implemented by our strategic digital partner, EPAM. Together we have successfully delivered our first vehicle launch and provided a pathway to scale as our company evolves.”

To learn more about EPAM’s partnership with Sitecore, visit www.epam.com/about/who-we-are/partners/sitecore

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