ELLIPAL Titan Mini Cold Wallet

We will be reviewing the ELLIPAL Titan Mini Cold Wallet shortly, see more details on their website here.

ELLIPAL Titan Mini Cold Wallet

An ultimate cool (cold) device allows you to have full control of your crypto assets. Be able to access your assets anywhere at any time you want.

Control Your Cryptocurrency Assets

No USB, No Bluetooth, No WIFI, No NFC, No Cellular.

Combine Titan Mini with the Ellipal App to maximize security and take autonomous control of your digital assets.

Trustless Trust

Sign what you see You don’t have to trust ELLIPAL or anyone, but you can trust the cold wallet.

ELLIPAL’s QR codes are open data format. It is public, verifiable and offline. You can be sure that the private keys are never transmitted through the QR code.

Buy, Exchange and Grow Your Crypto

Manage and invest your cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere with Ellipal. Buy, exchange, and trade cryptocurrencies in seconds in a simple, secure, and smart way.

All Your Digital Aassets in One Place

As an investor, you need all your crypto in one location in order to manage them efficiently. The ELLIPAL supports over 10,000 coins and tokens and gives you access to the best Dapps and leading NFT markets. Whatever you are holding, they can be stored all under one account and in one device.

ELLIPAL Titan has been selected as one of the 3 Best Cold Wallets of November 2022 by @Forbes ?

We are honored to receive this recognition.

You are welcome to check Forbes advisor here: https://t.co/jhONEg8Yh9 pic.twitter.com/G7MYvk7tPk

— ELLIPAL (@ellipalwallet) December 9, 2022

Large Screen – Smooth and Smart User Experience

With a portable, ergonomic design, you can use the ELLIPAL Titan Mini easily whenever you want and wherever you are.

ELLIPAL Titan Mini Specs

Size: 75*71*10.5mm
Material: aluminum alloy
Camera: 2M
LCD: 2.4″ HD
Battery: 600 mAh

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