ELLIPAL Titan Mini Cold Wallet reviewed

We review the ELLIPAL Titan Mini Cold Wallet see more details on their website here.

ELLIPAL Titan Mini Cold Wallet reviewed

We have trialed and reviewed a few products from Ellipal over the years and we have generally found them to be good, solid, and well made, so we were interested to see what they had come up with for this iteration. The wallet is a cold storage device,  with, naturally an air gap too. There has been plenty of bad press about crypto in the last 12 months or so. One of the issues, as always, is, if you leave your money on an exchange, and not in your own private wallet, it is, arguably, or probably literally, only yours in name.

Crypto assets have many pros and cons, but one of the aspects that you need to manage yourself, is to have your actual alt coins, tokens, NFTs and whatever else, on your own wallet, with your own, private, passwords. If you are not managing your assets in this way, then you are allowing SBF or whoever else may come along, to potentially redirect your assets to whatever venture they feel like investing them in.

The designers of this product have put a lot of thought into mitigating these risks in as many ways as possible, and to head off as many potential security risks and points of weakness and attack from bad actors. There are a range of good security features and wallets like this one could really help to restore confidence and security for use of crypto based assets. As a sister product they have also developed the Air-gapped mnemonics generator, ELLIPAL Joy too. See more about this product on their website here. This is a smart and clever natural compliment to the Titan Mini Cold wallet itself, and is very reasonably priced too.

Overall the price of both of these products relative to the amount they could save you makes them a no-brainer perhaps. At this price too you could even use several of them too. Hopefully products like this one continue to help build confidence in the value of crypto based assets.

More about the ELLIPAL Titan Mini Cold Wallet

An ultimate cool (cold) device allows you to have full control of your crypto assets. Be able to access your assets anywhere at any time you want.

Control Your Cryptocurrency Assets

No USB, No Bluetooth, No WIFI, No NFC, No Cellular.

Combine Titan Mini with the Ellipal App to maximize security and take autonomous control of your digital assets.

Trustless Trust

Sign what you see You don’t have to trust ELLIPAL or anyone, but you can trust the cold wallet.

ELLIPAL’s QR codes are open data format. It is public, verifiable and offline. You can be sure that the private keys are never transmitted through the QR code.

ELLIPAL Titan Mini Specs

Size: 75*71*10.5mm
Material: aluminum alloy
Camera: 2M
LCD: 2.4? HD
Battery: 600 mAh

Why you need ELLIPAL Joy?

Mnemonic phrases can recover your assets on another wallet if you can’t get access to your crypto wallet. So it’s very important to make sure your mnemonic phrases are random, unique, and not known by anyone. ELLIPAL Joy is designed to solve all your worries about the safety of your mnemonic phrases generate processes.

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